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Another week with my pup and I feel like I don't remember life before Cooper! I love this little guy so much it's ridiculous.

He continues to do well and is growing like a weed. He's up to 18 lbs (at 11 weeks) and seems to be clumbsier the bigger he gets! We had a week free of accidents (yah!) but his first little puke. It was this morning in his crate and it was clear liquid. It hasn't happened since and his stools are normal so I'm not too fussed.

We had a 1:1 session with a trainer which helped me a LOT. I realized some things I need to do differently (mostly the tone of my voice) and we played a really great 'name game' as Cooper didn't know his name AT ALL. I've been practicing it and now his recall is getting REALLY good. Even when he's at the park distracted by a million things. If anyone is interested in the game, let me know! I am so happy that I got her to come in. She also gave me some good tips on preventing him from pulling on the leash and also with nipping, jumping up and dropping. She's the same lady that will be doing his puppy kindergarten in September so hopefully by the time he gets there he'll be ready to be a star student :).

Cooper has a LOT more energy this week and is being more vocal. Now our typical evening zoomies include barking. It's play barking where he's trying to get me to play and it always happens when I'm finally sitting down to relax. Go figure. The last couple nights I think he's just been way too over tired (we've been spending a lot of time at the park these days) so I've been putting him 'down for a nap' which seems to help. Though, sometimes I have to listen to a bit of a commotion first.

I've been working on his 'table manners' too as this guy is a PIG and was literally plowing me over (even though he's only 18 lbs) to get to his food. It took about a week but here is where we're at now:

Lastly, I am finally feeling more comfortable leaving him alone for a bit longer which means that mama has started to get a bit of a life back! Nothing crazy, but it sure was nice to start to be able to go out for dinners, get to the gym etc...

Can't wait to see what next week brings!

Elizabeth (and Cooper)

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Comment by Elizabeth & Cooper on August 28, 2011 at 6:27pm

Here is the name game - I may also post in the puppy forum as I've had a few inquiries!

To play the game have some treats on hand (I used dried liver but break them up into really tiny pieces). Let him/her go off and get distracted so that he's not right by you and then do the following in sequence

  • say his/her name loudly but in a really friendly/puppy baby voice kind of way (that tone will get him excited)
  • if he/she comes to you, while he/she's in motion, say something like 'yesssssssss' in the same tone. This will become something that later tells him he/she's doing something right. You don't have to pick 'yes' but I like it.
  • as you're saying 'yesssss' take a few steps back
  • when he/she gets to you give him/her the treat (hold it down by your knee so he/she doesn't get in the habit of jumping up) and say 'good boy/girl' and praise
  • after some practice you should be able to try it outside and I've found that it really helps if I need to get Cooper's attention and need to get him and his attention back to me.

It sounds really simple but we went from him laying like a zombie when we said his name to him coming immediately in about 15 minutes. Pretty cool!

Comment by Jennifer and Jack on August 28, 2011 at 3:51pm
We have an 11 week old puppy and would love to learn the name game and any other tip you want to share!!! Thanks
Comment by Laurie, Fudge, and Vern on August 28, 2011 at 3:32pm
Sure sounds like you have a wonderful pup and everything continues to go fine.


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