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Cooper loves swimming so much he'll go in when the water is ICE COLD!

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Comment by Elizabeth & Cooper on November 3, 2011 at 8:30pm
Oh what neighbourhood are you in? To be honest, I don't like Landsdowne much at all for a couple reasons. It is small and if there are a lot of dogs it can get overwhelming. I also find that its a hot spot for dog walkers and they tend to bring several dogs all at once and I never full trust that they have control over them all (I had a bad experience there where a little terrier full on attacked Cooper and wouldn't let go and it was there as part of a dog walking group). I also find it really dirty and I always have to give him a bath after going there. The appeal is that it's fully fenced it but I tend to stay away just based on my experience. I really like Central Park which is on Bank just before the overpass. It's not fully fenced in but it's big and there are fences around most of the perimeter. We go there a few times a day and have since he was really little. The dogs, for the most part, are pretty good too. It gets busy around 5:00 but during the day/morning there are usually only a few dogs at a time. My big challenge with Cooper right now is that he goes a bit nuts with submissive puppies. I'm working on it but something about submissive dogs sets him off (he doesn't hurt them just gets really bullyish). I'll see how his recover goes and it would be great to get them together. Brewer Park has access to the river and is offleash but it's smaller area and not fully fenced in. It's great if you want to test out their swimming abilities (that's where this picture was taken). Bruce Pit is fantastic if you want to go for a couple hours and let them roam around. It can get busy and you need to make sure they have good recall as it's a huge space but I really like it there.
Comment by BRADY GOOSE MOORE (Mini Doodle on November 3, 2011 at 11:44am

It's so hard from pics to tell their size.   I actually went to Lansdowne because I've never taken Brady to 'off-leash dog park' and that one is fenced in.   Well, it turned out to be a great 'meeting of the doodles' however, Brady~Bum literally sat on my foot most of the hour or two we were there!    I think he was overwhelmed by it all ... I'm going to keep taking him.   I see you go to Brewer Pk. - what is there?   Fence?  Perhaps let's give Cooper a chance to re-coop after neutering, then plan to meet up somewhere.   I took Brady to the Romp l week after he was neutered .... perhaps a little too soon for his comfort although he seemed back to normal.  


Comment by Elizabeth & Cooper on November 3, 2011 at 10:33am
I know! They are quite similar. I was thinking the same thing too. No, he's DEFINITELY not a mini.. he's already around 37 lbs and he not quite 5 months. He's going to be a big boy!!! Yah, we're in Ottawa. I was going to go to the romp but I had a bunch of school work to get done. I also was a bit nervous as Lansdowne is a small area and Cooper is going through a 'I want to test all the dogs because I'm a bratty puppy with too much testosterone' phase so I tend to try to keep him in situations were there are only a few dogs for right now. If you ever want to meet up though, let me know!
Comment by BRADY GOOSE MOORE (Mini Doodle on November 3, 2011 at 8:56am

Oh my gosh .... adorable pup!!   Cooper and Brady are so similar in looks!   Is Cooper a 'mini' - how much does he weigh?   Brady is mini and weighs 20 lbs. at 6 mos.    I also see you're from Ottawa too!    Too bad we didn't both end up at the Ottawa Doodle Romp @ Lansdowne Park last Saturday where they could have met.



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