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So I'm pretty sure I'm switching food from Taste of the Wild to Earthborn Holistic. As I was looking through the different varieties I was assuming I would be best to go with Great Plains Feast as it contains bison & lamb which are two of the main meat ingredients in his current food. However after looking the "Primitive Natural" variety has significantly more meat protein than any of their other flavors. To the point that dog food adviser gave it it's own separate review from the other flavors & rated it at 5 stars.

The cost of the two foods on Chewy is virtually identical & I would actually have to feed slightly less which means it's actually cheaper on a per day basis to use the Primitive Natural. Seems like an obvious choice, but then I read that such a high protein diet may not be ideal for a dog who isn't super active. I was just wondering if anyone has any insight into this, should I go with the higher protein or just stick with the formula that's closer to what he's eating now?

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I'm not sure what the medicine was. It was an oral medication that came in a syringe you squirted in his mouth. They did the first treatment at the office & sent me home with another to do 2 weeks after. So maybe the probiotic will do the trick. I was tempted to take him up & have the fecal done anyway just to check if the worms were gone & in fact called the vet on Wednesday to ask them about it & they suggested I wait a couple months & then have him retested. So I guess we'll do it now after all LOL

The Proviable is already on it's way. 

You may not even have to take him to the vet, they can run a fecal without him, lol.
While you're waiting for the Proviable, give him a couple of tablespoons of plain unflavored nonfat yogurt; they love it and it may help.

Just wanted to check in with an update as well as thank you for all your help. Fecal came back OK (except we're still fighting the roundworms apparently) the yogurt/proviable has worked wonders. His stools went back to normal within a day. We've started our transition to Earthborn & everything is going great.

Also just wanted to thank you for everything you do here. You're a big part of the reason my guy is eating as well as he is and the difference is noticeable. His coat is very shiny & soft, & I think it's mainly due to the fact that he's on way better food than the breeder had him on. Just look at the difference in his coat from when we picked him up until now.


Wow, that is quite a difference. I'm so glad things are going well. And thank you for the kind words. :)

Just FYI for anyone feeding Earthborn you can register for monthly updates & get a $3 off coupon on any bag 5 lbs or larger. It seems like the monthly updates from them also include a $3 off coupon. I'm not sure if you can use it on sites like Chewy, but if you're buying retail you should really sign up & get the monthly coupon.

Good deal from Earthborn!  Thanks Scotty!  And I'm glad to hear Truman is doing much better!  You can find some good advice/help on this site.



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