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Health and Medical Issues (for our pets)


Health and Medical Issues (for our pets)

This group is a place to discuss any and all health and medical issues related to our pets. We can have in depth discussions here. All discussions on Seizures are now in their own group.

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Over the years that this group has been in existence it has assisted many doodles and their humans.  It has offered advice, a place to vent, etc.  This group MUST be a place where people can turn and be confident that the advice they will get is based upon FACT - medically and scientifically accepted FACT- not "I heard", anecdotes, advertising claims, or other unfounded or misleading advice. The moderators of this Group will delete any post that we feel does not meet this criteria. 


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Henry's allergy testing results in; grass and a question about Cytopoint

Started by Dolly Dykhouse. Last reply by Jane, Guinness and Murphy on Tuesday. 5 Replies

Hello everyone,Henry began chewing/digging at his paw pads a few months ago. I thought that it might be caused by the new cedar bark that they had placed at the dog park we go to several days a week. Over the last 10-12 weeks it has escalated to not only rooting around his paw pads like a pig looking for truffles but also licking the tops of them to the point that they are now that lovely shade of rust red in-between the toes as well as scratching his muzzle and armpits multiple times a day. I had allergy testing done last week and the vet called me last night with the results; Bermuda grass, crab grass, rye grass and Russian thistle had a high reaction. I was pretty surprised...our backyard is aggregate and concrete, no grass at all and he rarely steps foot on ANY grass as our outings are to our local lake and the dog park which also has NO grass just bark or sand. Now with that said, our house backs up to our local 5 acre park which is loaded with all of the above grasses I imagine and even though I don't take Henry there (no dogs in public parks in my city) we do use a whole house fan to cool our house off at night and I had a lightbulb moment of "gee, this is right around the time we started using the whole house fan that his itching started." My window screens show all the pollen, dust, etc that is being pulled into the house and Lord knows I have to clean off the plantation shutters every few days because they are coated with dust and pollen. Does this make sense? Does grass have pollens that are released like flowers and trees? If this is the case, even though his dog park is all cedar bark the entire 15 acres surrounding it are grasses and trees and I'm sure that if they are pollen producing it is getting into the dog area and coating the bark too. Gah! The vet offered a few solutions; allergy shots, Apoquel and Cytopoint. I'm not thrilled about Apoquel as it is an immune suppressing drug and Henry is only 18 months old; a lifetime which could be shortened…Continue

Olive's 2 year annual vet visit/vaccination questions

Started by Cindy and Olive (Ollie). Last reply by Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie on Monday. 27 Replies

Hi all, Olive is due for her " DA2PP+ Bordatella booster, the Lyme Booster, and Leptospirosis vaccine," according to her vet. They're also doing a Heartworm Antigen Batch. Our appointment is tomorrow, but it seems like a lot of vaccines for one day and I'd like to ask to separate out some. Do you know the best way to sort these? Is it bad that our vet does the (combined?) DA2PP+Bordatella? I vaguely remember reading something about this. Olive hasn't before reacted to her vaccines but I'm just wanting to keep her all good. Also if you recommend any other testing or anything, please lmk.Thanks for your feedback as always.Continue

Spots on tummy

Started by Haley, Yeti, and Phin. Last reply by J and Luna Jul 14. 4 Replies

Hello all! A few days ago I noticed that our dog Yeti would not stop licking our other dog Phin. Phin doesn't seem bothered by it, but it is CONSTANT. Yeti has never felt the desire to have to be next to Phin at all times (Phin would love it though. Typical little brother loving his big brother too much and big brother not wanting anything to do with it lol) though that has recently changed. Yeti usually prefers to be next to me or my boyfriend, and Phin will usually sit somewhere at the end of the bed or even on the floor with a toy. Lately though, Yeti has been wanting to be next to Phin 24/7 licking him. Yeti even tries to follow Phin into his kennel at night. Its all over really, but I have really noticed him wanting to lick his mouth, ears and paws a lot. Phin isn't licking himself a crazy amount, nor is he scratching himself more than usual (he does occasionally scratch him self but its never for more than a few seconds and its definitely not constant). I did notice that his paw pad had a very small peel off of it that already looked like it was healing itself. I also noticed and have attached a picture of Phins belly. To me it looks like he has small bites on his stomach. I have never personally dealt with fleas, but many years back a family friends dogs had fleas and the bites they had look very similar to Phins.  I have been checking like a crazy person to see if I can find any fleas on him. Myself, my mom, and my boyfriend have all looked pretty thoroughly and we all didn't see anything. Do you think Yeti's constant licking Phin, and Phins tummy spots could be related? I contacted my groomer to see if she suggests that I give them a flea bath and she said she believes its unnecessary. When I picked up Yeti & Phins flea and tick medicine & heart worm last night I briefly discussed…Continue

Possible broken tail but not limp tail

Started by Jolene, Sassparilla & Josie. Last reply by Jolene, Sassparilla & Josie Jul 13. 5 Replies

Not a doodle but looking for feedback regarding my sister golden.  She's thinking he may have been hit by a car since he was found alongside the road.  He showed no pain to his hips and seems to be passing bowels movements fine but his tail is very painful and limp right at the base of the body. Anyone experience this before, the symptoms don't match limp tail so the vet ruled that out but was unable to take xrays due to severe discomfort the dog was in.  He has now stopped eating and my sister is beside herself. She lives on a very remote island so a second opinion would be a long hard and very painful boat ride across the Puget Sound in Washington state. Has anyone experienced something like this, if so what did you/they do and how long was recovery? She was given pain meds but to me it sounds like it's not working very well? TIAContinue

Dark urine

Started by Lindsey Holt. Last reply by Lindsey Holt Jul 10. 8 Replies

Here's the deal...Jake had an accident last night on the couch. He was laying there and I scratched his hip and then he started licking his man parts and then hoped of the couch and layed on the floor.  I noticed about 20 minutes later that the couch was wet and sure enough it was urine.We don't have a doggie door so it's possible he had to go and one of us didn't notice/hear him ring to go out.I called the vet this morning just to see if they wanted to see him (and because I'm a worrier) and we are going on vacation this next week so I want to get this taken care of if anything if wrong before we leave.They wanted a sample and I got one and it concerned me because it was pretty dark yellow with a greenish hue.I dropped it off and they would send it out for testing and call me on Monday, the lady in the front agreed it was dark but didn't really comment from there.I'm a worrier and now am terrified that there is something horribly wrong with my baby.Other that this pee thing he is acting totally normal.Continue

bacterial infection or something wrong with the hair follicle genetically

Started by Paula Shawber. Last reply by Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie Jul 3. 16 Replies

My son and daughter in law's doodle Oslo went to the vet today.  They went to the vet because Oslo has these spots that keep bleeding. Almost like pimples that pop up and then when I find them they are only dried blood. It’s only on his chest and shoulder area. The vet took a sample and said it could be a bacterial infection or something wrong with the hair follicle genetically.They look kinda similar to a tick bite (but that’s not it).  The vet didn’t really have much of a diagnosis except for that it could be the hair follicles he said just to keep an eye on it and use the shampoo he prescribed in that area twice a week for two weeks if we see any new spots we should call him but since these are mostly dried he isn’t too concerned.Has anyone ever came across this?PS:  If I posted this to the wrong group please let me know and I will correct it.Continue

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Mitral Valve Disease

Started by Jennifer and Jack. Last reply by Jennifer and Jack Jun 9. 5 Replies

I am hardly on this page so I forgot about this group.  I wanted to add information on here because many of us have dog that have a lot of miniature poodle in them.  Unfortunately, for my boy, he was recently diagnosed with  Grade 5/6  Stage 2B MVD.    He has very large ventricles and left atrium.    They can't tell on ECHO how many Chord strands are stained   .My purpose in writing this, is a few. One from what I have read in Mini Poodles this type of heart disease is the number one cause of death.... ( Please make sure you have insurance which of course is discussed at length in here). Also, very few cardiologist are aware of the fact there is a surgery that can repair the chords ( the damaged valve in the heart)Most times you are just given medications to reduce symptoms. I found an amazing group called the Mighty Hearts and I have been learning a lot.. There is a surgeon in Japan who has successfully  greater than 90 percent success repairing valves in dogs..... He currently does surgery in Japan which is the cheapest but insurance will not pay for it, at least not Pet Plan... ( they only cover US and Canada.) The surgeon also brings him team to Paris and he has trained a surgeon in London. ( they surgeon in London does not have as high of success rates).  The Japanese surgeon has been to Cornell in NY and had done several surgeries there.. He is currently trying to get VISA's for surgery in FLA.We are on the list for Japan, which would clear us by October 20th, that said, we are praying SUPER hard the surgeon will have his VISA's soon for Fla and his team will be there.. Jack's insurance will cover it there..    Anyway, I just want people to know as these doodle grow older that there is some hope if your precious baby goes into heart failure secondary to MVD.   I didn't find a lot of hope out there about this until I found the    I hope someday someone who is searching finds this and find some hope because watching your baby suffer is just…Continue


Started by Britni Rampton. Last reply by Britni Rampton Jun 7. 5 Replies

Has anyone heard or have comments/experience with a a probiotic called DigestiSure?TIAContinue


Started by Marcy and Cocoa. Last reply by Lori, Winnie, Bob and Indie Jun 7. 5 Replies

Karen, F, Calla & Luca, I apologize in advance for the long post but am hoping for guidance. In searching old posts for information on Methionine/SAMe I found this interchange in 2011“Permalink Reply by F, Calla & Luca on January 29, 2011 at 7:37am I did look up Ammonil. There are cautions against using it in dogs with liver or kidney problems. It also can cause acidosis , which can be very serious. Taking Butter to the vet is absolutley a good idea. ▶ Reply Permalink Reply by Karen and Jackdoodle on January 29, 2011 at 8:34am It's the amino acid methionine. As F said, it should not be used in animals with any history of renal failure, or pancreatic or liver disease. I hope the vet can give you an answer and help Butter feel better. Will be keeping paws & fingers crossed and watching for an update.”My close to 10 year old, healthy 60lb doodle just had “senior” blood work and has elevated liver enzymes which she has had her entire life. I took her to a specialist years ago and was told that she was fine. Basically, while trying to be polite, they told me that they see a far wider sampling than the local vets and have a far wider tolerance for what is “normal.” Fast forward about 7 healthy years to the current blood tests which show more or less the same levels as before - just a bit higher. The local vet suggested Methionine/SAMe as a “liver support” supplement. It would seem in direct contradiction to your advice above, and honestly, from what I have read here over the years, I think you are probably far more knowledgeable on these subjects than most local vets. Maybe you can update me with your thoughts? Thank you!Continue

Mystery Limp with NO Other Symptoms

Started by Jolene, Sassparilla & Josie. Last reply by Stacy May 29. 34 Replies

Okay DK family this is long winded (sorry) but I am hoping someone else might have an idea on what is going on with my poor Sassparilla.  This started without warning and won't seem to go away. At our October doodle romp Sassy played as she usually does but after we got home she settled down without movement, for those that know her she is the energizer bunny and goes non stop but I didn't think much of it other than I could finally get some things done around the house. Come dinner time when I called her I heard a very loud yelp and when she appeared she was not putting any weight at all on her front left leg.  I worked the leg, spine and surrounding area and nothing seemed to bother her but when she'd try walking on it she couldn't?  She spent the entire night yelping when she moved and whimpered with every breathe all night?  Needless to say the family slept downstairs, she came to me and cuddled for well over an hour which isn't like her and the entire time I stroked, massaged and loved on her.  Next morning no change so I took her straight to the vet where she could barely walk to the door so my daughter carried her in. Of course as soon as she saw the vet she got anxious and the adrenaline kicked in. She was fine walking up and down the hall but as we left as soon as she exited the office the limping came back full force!  I screamed for the doctor and he watched her return to the car, chopped it up to soft tissue and gave us an anti-inflammatory and sent us home with limited activity. (Note this was not her usual vet but another working out of his office that day)She seemed to be improving but then the following month the next romp comes around and bam same thing so I continued the meds thinking we are just getting older but on thanksgiving she was playing in the house and that night again limping and yelping.  Fast forward to this past Saturday, I was out all day came home and got the usual greeting then they settled down and I ventured upstairs to do a…Continue

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Comment by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle on January 21, 2018 at 5:50pm

Lisa, it would be easier to respond if you re-open the discussion you started here in this group. 

Comment by Lisa Duarte on January 21, 2018 at 5:40pm

Sorry, I tried finding this discussed before but, couldn't find anything. Brady is our 9 month old doodle (Australian labradoodle). We've had to have his anal glands cleaned now about 3-4 times since June? He started biting and licking again which leads me to believe I need to bring him in to the vet yet again. 

Has anyone else experienced issues with their pups anal glands? We have also dealt with soft stools/diarrhea on and off too. He's on the same food he was on with breeder when we got him, although it's not grain free. The other versions in the line are though but, they aren't puppy kibble. Could this be causing some of the ongoing issues? Are there any home remedies to provide relief before I get him to vet? 

Anything in particular I should be asking the vet? Last time they said some dogs just need to have it done but, this seems crazy to me. He's about 35lbs so not small.


Comment by Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie on December 31, 2017 at 11:24am

I’m not up to date on supplements at all

but my guys are getting older so I’ll be watching to see others’ input. 

Comment by Linda, Charlie Brown and Beau on December 30, 2017 at 7:59pm

Anyone had experience with EFAC (hip & joint supplement)?  Charlie  has some arthritis in his left from knee and the vet thought he might possibly benefit from this product.

Comment by Diane, Hurley and Sidney on May 27, 2017 at 11:10am

I have a new ALD who is turning 1 year next month.  We got him at 9 months.  He has some anxiety and fear that we have been successfully been working on.  He is doing great in that area.  However, riding in the car presents a challenge.  He gets motion sickness.  InItially when in the car he drooled like crazy and would throw up.  I have worked with him to ease that anxiety and he is doing great.  He only drools a little now.   Now he is excited to get into the car and jumps right in and is not in a hurry to get out.  However, he still throws up.   Does anyone have an OTC holistic medication they would recommend?     

Comment by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle on May 9, 2017 at 1:44pm

Well, I wouldn't say No. America is just starting to jump on the wagon, lol. The effects of glucosamine and chondroitin on joint problems in both dogs and humans have been the subject of clinical studies in this country since the 1960s, and there is still no conclusive for or against. I prefer to look at actual clinical data and conclusions rather than general anecdotal information. Here are a couple of good resources which include study data:
 It does appear that there may be some benefit and little risk in trying glucosamine supplements for dogs. However, that's not the case with MSM, which is included in the product you are currently using, and which does have known side effects and risk factors:

Comment by Melissa on May 9, 2017 at 1:30pm

Also, studies have been done in Europe for years with positive results. North America is just starting to jump on the wagon.  Good article: 

Comment by Melissa on May 9, 2017 at 1:20pm

Yes, I'm aware of the other ingredients in the product I'm using, but this wasn't the product I started my Beagle on. I bought something from the vet first and it was just Glucosamine and chondroitin. Pretty much the same thing I take myself daily for my own joints, but was for pets. 

Comment by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle on May 9, 2017 at 1:08pm

Melissa, if you look at the ingredients in the product you're using, you'll see that there are several other things besides glucosamine. The Joint Max Liquid also contains chondroitin, MSM, aloe, vitamin C. manganese, and something called astaxanthin. So it may not be the glucosamine that is responsible for the beneficial effects you've seen. 

Comment by Melissa on May 9, 2017 at 1:02pm

Glucosamine supplements have worked wonders on my 12 year old Beagle. She had joint pain and issues climbing up the stairs. Within a few months of putting her on a glucosamine supplement, she began to move around and play like she was 5 years younger.  I think if there is an actual injury it may not help that much.  I do agree that the dosage the vet told you to give to him is a little odd. If you choose to buy it, go by the dosage on the bottle for the weight of your dog. 


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