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During our recent vacation i realized my Sassparilla seemed to be drinking an excessive amount of water? While driving i have the Pup cup that holds 20oz and she was drinking it all then another 10oz or more before sharing with the other dogs. Took her in today to discuss with vet and maybe get some bloodwork done. While the vet was reviewing her file he mentioned last May her kidney levels were slightly elevated but everything else was perfect so he wasn't concerned.  Tomorrow I call for the results from today's bloodwork. 

So I have two questions, what answers am I looking for from the vet and what could this potentially mean for her and her health?

On a side note the main reason for the vet call was my daughters cat who tangled with something and her leg is swollen. She was very agitated so vet only gave antibiotic injection and if not improved by Monday bring her back and he'll sedate, drain and clean.  I asked if we could try to clean it over the weekend and maybe try to relieve some of the inflammation which i'm sure is puss and he said yes. Wish us luck we're going to attempt it tonight soaking first in an Epsom salt solution. We can feel two bite marks on either side of the elbow. 

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Many things can cause excessive thirst including diabetes, kidney disease etc. I think you need to wait to see what the blood work reveals. Wishing both Sassparilla and the car well.

I'm hoping it's something easy like a UTI.  

Good luck with the kitty too!

I second F's advice, and also hope both Sassy & the kitty are fine. 

Thank you, thought I'd try to get out in front of this just in case? Like they say knowledge is power and I'm absolutely clueless.

Separate question, Sassy still has her mystery limp.  On our trip I was giving her the anti inflammatory and it seemed to help, could that be a sign of arthritis? I asked the vet but didn't get an understandable response? I think he was more focused on the bloodwork?

It was crazy busy unfortunately the other vet in the office was forced into emergency surgery so my vet was on his own with a huge crowd! 

Knowledge is power, which is why you do testing: so that you can KNOW what is wrong rather than guessing and speculating. Then you can do your research on the specific issues. The guessing and asking people on the internet to guess with you is crazy making, trust me on that. :)

The same with the limp. There are dozens of things that can cause that, and the only way to know for sure is to work with your vet and do whatever testing may be appropriate. There is just no way to guess at the causes. 

Thanks, bloodwork came back all good,  limp is still a mystery.  If it continues,  which I'm sure it will, he'll do a sedated xray so he can really get a good look at it. Not sure why we are waiting since its been going on since last October but he wants minimum activity for 2 weeks. 

Lottie is doing better,  still swollen and tender but the antibiotic has kicked in, the fever is gone and she's moving around, even if it's limping. E'll soak it again tonight when my daughter gets off work.  Vet was pleased with our progress. 

So glad the bloodwork came back normal!  

Hopefully both your furballs will be back to full health soon :)

Thank you ❤

Hooray for the bloodwork report!  I am so glad that Lottie is doing better.  I think a thorough group of x-rays is the next step for Sassy as her limp keeps returning.  I wonder if keeping a simple journal of her daily physical activities might give you a clue.  Perhaps she is fetching more than you think or jumping or... something, which precedes each episode?

Thanks, yes the limping always follows any activity; romps, beach walks, chasing kitty around the house, backyard shenanigans and squirrel patrol, etc.  You know her obsession with jumping, she even jumps for the toys as i toss them from the couch?? She's such a hyperfocused nut!  Her obsessive behavior you see at the dog park is pretty much 24/7 at home as well? 

Unfortunately, X-rays are unlikely to show much, because this is probably a soft tissue injury and those don't show on X-rays. But it would be a good first step. Since this is an ongoing issue, I'd get it diagnosed sooner rather than later. Poodles are prone to knee and elbow problems, often requiring surgery. :(

  • So disturbing incident.  First, Lottie is moving about  alternating from hopping on three legs to occasionally putting weight on the injured leg.  Still is puffy but I'm not sure we can get to where the puss is settled,  I'm hoping it will absorb and disappear?  
  •  now to the disturbing part. Little s*** Maverick has a wild hair up his bum and was chasing Lottie, well Sassy saw the commotion and ran (using that word lightly) the other directing to see what was going on, just after she passed me she let out a yelp, followed by a cry whimper and hobbled back to me on three legs. Guess i need to insist on the xray sooner than later.  I immediately gave her the tramadol. I can manipulate, pull and tuck in her leg and it doesn't bother her but she can't seem to put any weight on it? Wondering if it might be more spinal in nature? I know from experience the problem can be coming from elsewhere, two major car accidents under my belt the worst 5 car on the freeway. I've suffered from neck and back pain for over half my life sunny more times than not where it hurts isn't where it's out??  Ugh, it kills me to see her in pain. Trying to clean house and do much needed laundry and my clingy girl won't rest she insists on following me throughout the house. 



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