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During our recent vacation i realized my Sassparilla seemed to be drinking an excessive amount of water? While driving i have the Pup cup that holds 20oz and she was drinking it all then another 10oz or more before sharing with the other dogs. Took her in today to discuss with vet and maybe get some bloodwork done. While the vet was reviewing her file he mentioned last May her kidney levels were slightly elevated but everything else was perfect so he wasn't concerned.  Tomorrow I call for the results from today's bloodwork. 

So I have two questions, what answers am I looking for from the vet and what could this potentially mean for her and her health?

On a side note the main reason for the vet call was my daughters cat who tangled with something and her leg is swollen. She was very agitated so vet only gave antibiotic injection and if not improved by Monday bring her back and he'll sedate, drain and clean.  I asked if we could try to clean it over the weekend and maybe try to relieve some of the inflammation which i'm sure is puss and he said yes. Wish us luck we're going to attempt it tonight soaking first in an Epsom salt solution. We can feel two bite marks on either side of the elbow. 

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Yes, it could be spinal, but normally the primary symptom wouldn't be a limp. Dogs' skeletal structure is different from ours. I'd still guess it's a knee issue. But as mentioned before, guessing really doesn;t help. I agree that you need a diagnosis sooner rather than later.

Regarding Lottie, I think she needs to see the vet again too. Pus (if that's what it is) is indicative of an infection, and it doesn't "reabsorb."

Thanks Karen

Another thought, it could be her hip. 

Really, even though it's her front leg she's not putting weight on?  I'm going to push he covers all areas since she'll be sedated. Since I have insurance I'd rather over do than under do.

Sorry, if it's the front leg, it's not the hip. Or the knee for that matter. It would most likely be the elbow. 

Poor thing is in pain.  Can I do an anti inflammatory in between the tramadol? Had to lift her off the couch to eat then she settled on her dog bed.  She was trying to lift her leg to do the doodle pose and couldn't, she also cried as she tried.  Poking again and what hurts is rotating her leg forward and back so thinking it might be in the shoulder area??  She's worse off than the last couple times. This sucks kirstie has a doctors appt at 8:30 that is supposed to run 2 hrs send it's at least a 45 minute drive. Wondering if u should take her with and go straight to vets, if shes not doing better?

We worked on kitty and no pus just red liquid? Hoping that's good.  I'll most likely take them both in together. 

Yes, it could be the shoulder.

I would ask the vet about the meds. I do think both should be seen.

I'm a little late to the party!  Foreleg lameness can be caused by so many things, from the neck down to the toes!  Pain after activity is often related to inflammation, but not always. X-rays are usually the first line of investigation because they are quick and (relatively) cheap when compared to other imaging, and they are good for ruling out serious bone or joint pathology. I'd see your regular vet for initial consult and imaging. They are typically going to recommend rest and anti-imflammatories for a couple of weeks. If this doesn't improve things, or if her symptoms come back as soon as she is off the meds, I'd ask for referral to a rehab vet or rehab professional (it is very important that they are suitably qualified - ask me if you aren't sure what to look for) as they will be able to evaluate the soft tissues and spine (if necessary) better than a general practice vet can, and also work with you to come up with a home exercise rehab programme. 

 Thanks, I deep her if tomorrow for a sedated xray and I really hour they find the cause.  This had been ongoing since October first time anti-inflammatory with rest, second prednisone and tramadol. Its usually segregated after stickery but this time just heeding to the kitchen,  maybe 10' at the most???  She is in more pain this time as well??  Paws crossed tomorrow provides answers.  Thanks again 

Jolene can you edit your post, I think spellcheck may be playing tricks but I can't make out what you're saying? 

Ugh,  stupid phone!



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