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I’m loving this shaggy look he likes going on although I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to see his eyes soon. When is a good time to take him to the groomer? He’s 15 weeks has all shoots I’m thinking maybe just a bath and a face trim and nails 

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Gorgeous!  My little Zoey had so much hair around her eyes, that the breeder trimmed it before I got her!  I think the first time I had her groomed was at 5 months.  Don't forget to have them do the sanitary trim - you don't want dangle-berries hanging!  lol

She had her first major grooming at about 10 months.  Her coat was changing and beginning to mat. Now she goes about every 2 months for scissor cut.  I would like to have it a bit longer, but this is a compromise so she doesn't mat so badly.  (Even with brushing!)

I'd take him soon for a little trim.  If you are going to use a groomer, he needs to get used to one.  If you don't already have a groomer, you want to check them out.  Sometimes it takes a while to find a groomer you are comfortable as doodles can be labor intensive and some groomers don't get what a traditional doodle cut is. 



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