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 I’d like to know what type of coat my Coco has and what she’ll end up with. Also, what supplies do I need for her coat type to groom her myself?

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Coco is sooo adorable! She has a lovely fleece coat. I think it will stay pretty much like this. I have two F1 standards. One is curlier and the other has a fleece coat. The one with a fleece coat sheds a little bit. I think you are going to have a pretty easy dog to groom. She will require frequent brushing just as all dogs do, but she may not mat much the way a curlier dog can. 

Thank you, Bonnie. I probably should have mentioned she’s only 4 months old. Don’t they go through a coat change at around 8 months? She’s a multigenerational. When I got her she had a lot more hair/fur but I’ve been brushing and combing it ( in order to get her accustomed to being groomed) and it has thinned out quite a bit. I’m wondering if her adult coat will be thicker. I’ll attach a picture of her at 8 weeks.

Her adult coat may get significantly thicker. Owen’s is much thicker. He didn’t have a drastic coat change the way our curlier guy did.
Looks just like Jolene Colman's Sassparilla . Maybe she can help you out.

Good morning, oh my goodness she does look like my Sassy girl!  Sassparilla's coat went thru several changes the first couple of years and I'm very fortunate she doesn't shed or mat.  As far as brushing her I really only use the rake and maybe groom her 1-2 times a year.  Her coat grows very slowly?  Below is a collage of her coat and color changes.

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond.Sassy is adorable! Or maybe I’m partial because she reminds me of Cocoa. I can totally picture Cocoa looking like Sassy when she grows up.

Do you use clippers, sizzors or thinning shears when you groom her?

I have a Christiansen pin brush and a poodle comb,, blunt sizzors for trimming the hair under her eyes,  a pet dryer and a grooming table.

I know diffent grooming tools are used on different coated doodles and I don’t want to purchase tools I won’t use.

With all the tools available I’ trying to figure out what I’ll need.She doesn’t really shed but I occasionally find tuffs of fluff that she scratches out if she itches. Also, she’s thinning a bit from my brushing and combing. 

Yes I'm very partial to chocolates now too!  You're sweetie looks like the coat I was hoping Sassy would have had.  I just purchased some Andis clippers and love them.  

A brush that would be a good one is a pin brush.  Chris Christenson makes very nice ones.  They are pricey but the pins don't recede into the brush.    You also want to have a steel comb.  One of my doodles has a more poodley coat and mats terribly.  We use a LesPoochs slicker brush.   Photos of all below.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question. I have the Christenson  pin brush and a poodle comb. That’s what I’ve been using and they work well. Her coat is thinning from the brushing and combing though. I’m assuming it’s normal since it’s her puppy coat, but I’m not sure.

If her coat is noticeably thinning, I’d check with the vet. I’d also make sure to feed a top quality kibble (from Food Group recommended brands. I’d also add 1 capsule of Evening Primrose Oil for skin health. 

Thank you! It’s not thinning in a way that I’m concerned about. Honestly, I think I’ve probably been brushing and combing her too much (daily). I’m feeding her Orijen Puppy. I’ve also been giving her coconut oil and fish oil along with a multivitamin. I’m on the Food group and have read there’s no need to give a multivitamin with a high quality food but I had already bought it so I’ll continue to give them until there gone. I really appreciate your advice and concern. This is a great community of support,



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