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Glass  in all its forms and functions.

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OMD, adorable. Love the composition.

Thanks DJ. One of those unplanned moments lol.

So sweet! 

I kind of think the mirrors of nature are a wondrous thing...whether they mirror natural wonders or man-made toys.  Water is nature's "glass." Coral Springs FL, on the Intercoastal waterway, earlier this spring.

Talk about calm waters, perfect reflection.

Beautiful reflection.  Makes me "home sick" for South Florida. 

This was shot on my smartphone and not the sharpest image from it.  We were sitting on the back porch and Haley asked to go inside (air conditioning you know).  I shot this though the storm door and got some outside reflections superimposed over the scene inside.

I like this with the overlaid images. And Haley looks very comfortable an handsome.

Thanks, F.   He was happy.  He was "cooling it".  It was quite hot outside today.

I like this too. Did you double expose this "in camera?"

Thanks, Cheryl.  No,  it is one image.  I held the phone at an sngle close to the storm door.

I like the similarity of the wings and dish edge.



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