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Everyone loves seeing before and afters. Me included! But I don't want this to be just a show and tell. My goal is that this is a place for us to learn. 

Editing is such a complex subject and we are all at such different levels of experience. I think it's best to learn by doing. So if you share and ask questions and are open to constructive criticism I think it could be a fun month!

This month's assignment: 
Show a before and after.

1. The before should be the straight out-of-camera, uncropped, unadjusted image.

2. The after is your final image.

3. Explain your process. PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS STEP.  If you had problems or are struggling with something, I will help you. If you want to share a tip that you use in editing all the time, or explain the process you go through, that's great and we can all learn.

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I like that suggestion!

Beautiful, DJ. Great edit!

Thanks, Laurie

This is really nice DJ.  Love the fur blowing up in the wind.  I like the color photo also.  You always use such glorious colors!  

Thank you, Joani.

No, I did not abandon the dialogue. I do prefer the color photo but the bokeh to the rightis too bright. I also would remove the dark patch on the left side of Chance's mouth just to get nit picky as you would say. Overall though I really like the image.

Thanks, F.  I can soften the light a bit, but already worked on the dark patch and this is about as good as it gets without adding a lot of noise.  I am partial to the black and white because I think it emphasizes his gaze.

I'm confused as to why darkening it would add noise? I haven't run into that.

I lightened a dark patch on his muzzle--right side, facing camera--in the second edit, but couldn't do more because it began to add too much noise, for my taste.  So it was the lightening by taking out shadow and black that causes the noise problem.

More of this pink hat. I like this shot of Fudge very much, but it is obvious I blew out parts of the white bedspread. Does this keep it from being a great image? This is my first time experimenting with bouncing a flash off the ceiling. For some reason, Fudge's one eye was gooey or something. For this edit, I tried to fix her one eye, even out the lighting, and de-red it a bit. I also got rid of the pink pillow. I also darkened around her a bit to bring the eye directly to Fudge.


She is adorable, and I see why you love it.  The right side of the bed spread has lost its texture--can you clone in from the left side?

Thanks, DJ! No to the cloning. I am going to scrap this one. 



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