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Hello everyone ,

Im new here and very inlove with labradodles .

Im looking to learn all that i can about the breed from actual owners :)

Health issues , temperament, etc....

im in Canada near ottawa if anyone can suggest a good breeder in that area

thank you

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Hi Anna, welcome to DK. 

Breeder recommendations, referrals or reviews are not permitted here in the open forums. Members may send you a private message if you accept a friend request from them.

Much more important and useful than personal recommendations is our What to Look for in a Breeder guideline. Please read it carefully and take it to heart. Run from any breeder who cannot measure up to these basic standards. 

The members of this site have also put together a very helpful discussion for new members who are considering getting a doodle: You will find it very helpful:

thank you so much xox

You're very welcome. 



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