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I've only had a couple long-living dogs my whole life so I can't say I'm too familiar with dog vomit...which I suppose is a good thing!

But 3 times in the last week Bernie (8 months) has thrown up, and each time it was nearly identical to the food he ate for dinner. The kibble was still whole, slightly swollen from taking on liquid, but surprisingly identifiable.

The first two times it was probably a couple hours after he ate, and both times we were at someone's house so there was more stimulation than usual - I figured it was excited puppy tummy.

But early this morning he threw up again, and this was 12 hours after he ate. Still looked like his dinner.

He's not acting strange, his stool is normal, his appetite is normal.

He eats Wellness kibble mixed with Avoderm canned and a little chicken broth.

I'm just wondering if 1. the food looking undigested is normal for dogs and 2. if there are any natural upset stomach remedies?

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When my dogs vomit within a few hours of eating it usually does look pretty undigested, so that doesn't surprise me at all.  I do find it confusing that the food would still look undigested 12 hours after eating it.  When my guys vomit in the morning it is usually clear bile, or occasionally a liquid the color of the dog food.  Their vomit has always been pure liquid this long after eating their meal.  If it was me I'd just call the Vet to see what he/she has to say about it.  Let us know....
I thought 12 hours was a bit long too. I'll report back.

I second calling the vet. Please do keep us posted.

I third calling the vet.
I've been surprised by how long the food can be in their stomach & still look undigested.  Our dogs have has this happen many times.  Good luck :)
Well that makes me feel a lot better, thank you Diane! I left a message for our vet, let them know it didn't seem like an emergency, but that I'd appreciate his feedback when he gets a chance. Thank you again though, nothing feels better than feeling "normal" sometimes ;)
This used to happen to Tori quite often....Is he gobbling up his food?  If he is you can try spreading his kibble out on a cookie tray making him eat more slowly (they also sell bowls with pegs in them for this reason - but try the tray first)  You can also try putting the kibble into a kong or dispenser type toy/ball making him only get a few pieces at a time.  Unfortunately for Tori 'gobbling' wan't the reason she vomited up the swollen kibble...- none of this really helped much and we wound up switching her to canned.   We do give her kibble in her Kong as a treat.  A breeder friend of mine said some dogs just don't tolerate the kibble????  Not really sure if that's "fact", but the switch helped her. My vet even gave her some powder to sprinkle on her food to help her digest it,but that didn't help either... good luck!  I KNOW how frustrating this is!

Amy - Do you mind sharing what your vet said regarding the whole kibble in the vomit 12 hours later?  Bailey is currently on amoxicillin for a UTI and this morning he vomited a couple pieces of whole kibble this morning. I am hoping it is just an upset stomach from the med, but it is quite strange for kibble to still be that whole after that amount of time!

I am going to be calling the vet tomorrow morning to get her opinion.  I was just wondering if your vet had an explanation.

Thank you,


Hi Melissa, the vet didn't address the whole kibble specifically, I apologize for not having a better answer for you. When I explained the situation he was more concerned that I watch his behavior, his appetite, his water intake, and said to call if it happened again - but fortunately it didn't. I started putting water and low sodium chicken broth in with his kibble and letting it set a minute or two, I read somewhere that that helps aid digestion in general. I tested his kibble and it expands very little after being left for some time, so I don't worry too much about bloat.
PS - I hope Bailey starts feeling better soon, poor little guy, UTI sounds like no fun.

Thank you for replying Amy!

I just spoke with our vet and she stated that she was not concerned at all with the undigested kibble in the vomit.  She stated that Bailey's stomach acid is upset right now due to the meds and that the kibble in the vomit was not a concern at this time.  She said if he continues to vomit, then she is inclined to change his meds. 

Bailey is feeling better today.  No vomit, food is staying down and he just looks better.  He is resting right now, but had more energy this morning.

Thank you!


Jake has done something very similar this last week... On Memorial Day in the middle of the night (~10 hours after dinner) he vomited a few times.  He was acting extra hungry so I gave him his normal breakfast at 7:30am, fine all day then again at 4pm-6pm threw up a couple more times.  Both of these episodes was half digested kibble first, and then the others were just foamy yellow bile.  Was fine all week until he vomited at about 2am this morning, with the half digested kibble again but only this once.  Jake has randomly thrown up in the middle of the night since we got him (he just turned 8 months) but it was never this frequent, nor in the middle of the day.  He did get groomed on Friday and I was wondering if the Monday sickness was a little bug he caught there, but then we he got sick again this morning, I'm a little concerned.  He still sleeps in his "room" so does not have access to anything in the middle of the night other than his crate, Kong, and a little water.  He has been switching over to a new kibble for over a week now, but these are so long after he eats so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it... he has always stuggled with loose stools and that's why we are switching foods and also why yesterday (both meals) was his first time getting the Honest Kitchen Perfect Form Supplement for digestive health, I don't know if that could trigger it since he didn't vomit after the breakfast serving, only ~10 hours after the dinner.  I am going to call the vet shortly, but curious as to what anyone here thinks. 



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