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Puppy Zeus (32 weeks old) is now 58.4 lbs. at 25" tall, so I'm not sure if I will qualify for this group. But, I'd love to know what everyone's heavyweight Dood weighed at 7 months of age and the current weight/age. I'm anxious to see everyone's replies. :0)

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I adopted JD at 14 months old, so I don't know what he weighed at 7 months. But at 14 months, he weighed 65 lbs, and a year later he weighed 80 lbs, which is the right weight for his frame. (He actually continued gaining and hit 90 lbs when he was 5 years old, at which point we took steps to bring his weight back down to 80.)

Even after they've reached their full skeletal growth, usually between 8-12 months, they still continue to gain lean mass- muscle and bone- so I'm pretty sure your Zeus is going to qualify for this group by the time he's full grown. 

Wow, that's amazing! I didn't realize there could be such a growth spurt past 1 year. Zeus is still boney and scrawny-looking, so he has a lot of filling-out to do. Thanks for sharing! Gosh, JD is a big boy! I love it!

Harley was 7 months on 25th of last month.  He weighs 71 lbs.
Holy cow! Harley is a big boy also! What do you predict as his adult weight?
Our vet thinks he will end up in the 90lb range,  his doggy daycare owner raises Bordeaux Mastiffs and thinks he will be over 100.  Will be interesting to see.  LOVE big dogs, but his exuberance with greeting has been a challenge since he can so easily hurt someone. 
Ha-ha, I know whatcha mean - even my 58-pounder nearly knocks me down when welcoming me back home. Thank goodness I don't leave that often. ;0)  Gosh, 90 is BIG, but sounds about right to me, based on his current age and weight.

Kathy, how big is Harley now? Has he hit the 100 mark?

I would have to find which journal I wrote Tia's weight down, but I remember (I think) that at three months old (when we got her) she weighed 13 lbs and in two weeks she gained 17 lbs.  At four years old she now weighs somewhere between 87 lbs and 94 lbs.  We haven't weighed her for about 6 months.  We have had Tia on diet food since she was about 2 and a half years old.  Our vet wants her at 74 lbs. but she looks best at 80 lbs.  Good discussion!
Wow, that's a big jump from the standard calculation of 2x weight at 4 months. It just goes to show that estimates are not always good predictors. I agree with you on the tad bit of extra weight. It breaks my heart to see boney adult dogs. I don't want to actually see the rib cage. As long as I can feel it, then, in my opinion, he/she is healthy, but not overweight.
Lucy and Sophie were at 45 and 40 lbs at 29 weeks.  They are now 2.5 and are at 77 and 57 lbs.   Lucy is much heavier boned that Sophie.  Sounds like you will easily make the heavyweights.

That's really interesting on their size difference as adults, seeing how they were only 5 lbs. apart at 29 weeks. Have they both eaten the same food and amounts since pups? Just wondering if their size difference is in the food or the genes of their parents.

Helios is right at 65 pounds on his 7 month birthday.



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