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What did your heavyweight weigh when you first took him/her home. (8-10 weeks)

Just wondering what your doodle's weighed when you first got them. My carlos was a whopping 15 pounds at 8 weeks! He was last weighed when he turned 6 months and was 56 pounds so I'm guessing he is around 60-63 pounds or so now at 7 months and 1 week and measures 23" tall.

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Carlos has a 80-90 pound poodley doodle mama who was really excitable and I didn't see his dad but he was a laid back Retriever and the breeder said he was a pretty big boy too! I want to weigh him again, it's been a little over a month so im anxious to see how much bigger he got. It seems like he isn't growing very much until we run into a dog he hasn't played with in a while, then I notice how much he really is growing. You don't realize how quick they grow because you see them everyday but people always tell me they can't believe how much bigger he got since they've last seen him!

Here are the weights for Cooper who was born on June 12, 2011

When I picked him up (8 weeks) - 12 lbs

8.5 weeks (first vet visit) - 13 lbs

11 weeks - 18 lbs

12 weeks - 23 lbs

3 months - somewhere between 24 and 25 lbs


His parents are both doodles (he's an F2) and they're both around 50 lbs (tall but lean dogs). The breeder still thinks he won't pass 60 but I find that hard to believe. I have my money on 78 lbs full grown :).

My Tucker was 15 lbs at 8 20 weeks he is 43lbs.He is my big gallute.....the bigger the better I say:)

That is amazing that he gained five pounds is one week.  What were you feeding him?  Glad he has slowed down a little since then.
I know... I think it also could have been inconcsistency between my scale and the vet's scale. I feed him large breed puppy food and stick to the instructions but he's ALWAYS wanting more!! That dog could eat all day if I let him.
Update on big-boy Cooper! He's now 19 weeks. He weighed approx. 32 lbs at 4 months so that's up around 7 lbs or so in a month which actually isn't as much as I had thought (seems he's definitely not gaining AS rapidly). He's now 35 lbs at 19 weeks. He's really getting taller, though. When I see him next to some full sized retrievers he sure doesn't look wee anymore. I'm SO curious to see how big he'll get. The other pups in the litter are getting big too. So funny since the parents are both around 50. Maybe he will slow down and not end up being huge.... only time will tell!
I was confused.  You said he went from 18 to 23 pounds in one week (from 11 to 12 weeks).  That sounded like a big weight gain to me.  32 pounds at 4 months sounds about right to me.  Now let's just see what he weights as a adult.  My guess would be about 70 pounds.
Well... looks like Cooper has definitely slowed a bit. I just weighed him at the vet's office (just shy of 5 months) and he's at 36 lbs... so only up about 4 lbs in just less than a month. He's definitely getting taller but his weight gain is slowing!
As it should.  Usually the greatest weight gain is in the early months.  I am sticking with my guesstimate of 70 pounds for his adult weight.  I have a 47.5 pound ALD and a 90 pound goldendoodle and they both followed the 4 month rule for determining adult weight.  We will just have to wait and see.  But I think Cooper will make it into the Heavyweight group in another year.
What is the 4 month rule?

You double their weight at 4 months, add 5, and that's the predicted adult weight.

Thanks! Maxwell was 33.2 pounds at 15 weeks. He is now 13 months and weighs 79. He is still filling in, but I think he's as tall as he will be.



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