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I saw a TV advertisement for it and then googled it.  The following is a good discussion along with some information about resistance having been developed towards it.


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wow! Very interesting. I WILL NOT be using it as A - I hate Wallmart and B - I would not feel comfortable giving my pets a drug made in India (or China, or many other places in the world).
I have been seeing this ad too and wondered about this product.

Another interesting situation.  Our local pet shops and even Costco which is a store I fully trust, sell Frontline and other such products.  I was very tempted to purchase it at Costco and decided to contact the Frontline company to ask if

this was the authentic product.  They made the claim that they only sell to veterinarians and no where else.  That any

products available elsewhere might not be the real thing.  I find that almost unbelievable, however, opted to only

purchase it at my Vet's office.  I keep hoping that the cost will go down, but I won't take a chance with my pups


I get my Frontline plus at costco and have for about 2 years. It costs me $39 at Costco and $109 at the vet. It is the EXACT same product and works just fine.

Sally.  Have you tried seeing if your vet will match a price you find online? I did that with ours and they matched the price. Their policy is to match if it's not lower than their cost.

Great idea!  Thank you, hadn't even considered it.  My vets are pretty good, they might just agree.  I think

I was really thrown by Frontline's adamant comment that they do not sell anywhere else.  Sort of let me believe that the others were fake products.  

Ours did this too!

I wouldn't have a problem using it.  I regularly buy the generic choice in medicine for my own family: store brand ibuprofen vs. Advil, store brand acetominiphin vs Tylenol.  I also buy generic wormer for my horses: ivermectin vs Zimectrin.  As long as they have the same concentration of the ingredient, I don't need to pay for a "name" or fancy packaging. 

I won't be buying Pet Armor because Frontline Plus stopped working for us a couple years ago so we are on K9 Advantix.  Other than that, I'd be excited about having a local, low price, flea & tick control option.

I wouldnt be very comfortible using this.  I have tried a Few generic Perscription drugs & one gave me terrible Side effects...Where the real Meds didnt,  Fillers were different.


I bought Frontline plus for $35 at Menards

It will be only a matter of time for generic versions to be available elsewhere I think. I use many generic drugs myself and I have always advocated their use. However, since there is now a worldwide market some things have changed. I do know of at least one medication, an antidepressant for people, where the mechanism of release is different in one of the generic versions, and some patients have noticed they feel jittery on the generic and not on the brand name. Unfortunately, once  a generic is prescribed you cannot specify which generic is acceptable.



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