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I searched the forums, but didn't see anything that pertains ... wanted to see if anyone else has this issue. My dood will drink especially heavily after a hearty bout of play, and almost always vomits all the water back up. He doesn't vomit his water when he drinks pre-play, only post-play. I am also concerned that he is not drinking enough. His urine is very yellow, and it seems like he goes forever before he has to pee. I thought the local water might taste ick (it does to me!) so this summer we got him a Big Dog Drinkwell that filters his drink - it always has clean filters and plenty of fresh water - he just doesn't seem that interested until he is so thirsty, he can't hold it down.

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Mmm..............I don't know, but I would probably get something to slow down his drinking, maybe a water bottle.
Is he vomiting a large volume?
my labradoodle Rosco has done this a number of times when he gobbled up too much water too fast. I wouldn't be too worried if it doesn't happen at other times. I think it's just a matter of dogs not being able to gauge the speed that they swallow and the speed that they drink.
My Golden Doodle, Gracie (4yrs old) is very active and playful. She does the same thing if she drinks a lot of water after running and playing. She will drink too much water, then take off running to play or chase another dog playing in the dog park, and will almost always stop and vomit some od the water she drank.

She drinks an enormous amount of water each day, but only does this when she is playing or running around.She has no other problems being sick to her stomach unless running immediately after drinking a lot of water. We would probably do the same thing is we did that... You're doodle must be very athletic or a runner like mine ??? I asked my vet about it one day and she said it was because she drank too much water and then took off again without any time to digest it.

Hope that helps. If anyone has other info, please let me know..

just be careful that he doesn't flip his stomach when i was little we had an irish setter and my dad had her out for a run in the woods...just a simple "play date with dad" and when she got home she gulped a ton of water and her stomach flipped, dad rushed her to the vet, but in 1975 veterinary medicine was not as it is today and they were unable to save her and he had to put her down. I don;t mean to worry you, and it sounds is if he is getting it out before something happens, but i would take him to the vet, or at least call to see what they say.

i do want to tell you though, Izzy after running and playing will come in and drink, then burp up a tiny bit of water but nothing like you say.

i hope all goes well for you and your doodle!!
It sounds to me as if he was drinking too fast. There are special bowls where they cannot get that much water out and they drink more slowly. Maybe that helps. If you have trouble finding those let me know, I think I might find them again.
We have not had this problem but one thing we do at times to control her water intake, especially when we'll be gone for an hour or two but want her to be able to quench her thirst, is we put only a little water but also several icecubes in her bowl. This way she will eventually get enough fluids to keep her hydrated but doesn't gulp it down all at once and then have to go to the bathroom before we're back. Ice cubes might help yours cool down as well without excessive gulping after play. Whopper now gets really excited about the icecubes and the other night we watched her take one out at a time, jump on the bed, enjoy it, and then go back for the next over an hour period repeating the process.
My brothers both have boxers (well the same dog that they keep trading back and forth), but they are known for this problem! Two things, my older brother crated Amber after strenuous exercise for 5-10 minutes to give her time to calm down before drinking water. Also, he trained "leave it" command in regards to water, so she didn't drink too much at one time. Little brother uses a water bottle in the crate, that way she can drink as much as she wants, but it is dispensed slower. I have always used water bottles in crates (that way they can't dump the bowls and make a mess) and it's really easy to see how much they're drinking.
I tried to find back the water bowl which you can use if dogs drink too fast but I couldn't find it anymore. Instead I found back the bowl for food which prevents dogs from eating too fast. The waterbowl was from the same company but I cannot remember the name. Maybe browse some petstores and try to look for it. Maybe it helps.
Here is a pic of the foodbowl which I managed to find back:

My doodle also throws up his water occasionally after drinking. He is still a puppy and it doesn't take much for him to get sick. Usually, however, he is jumping or playing almost immediately after he drinks. It usually sounds like a burp or a gurgle and then the water follows. He gives himself the hiccups quite often too. I talked to our vet about this last week and she said I didn't have to worry about it as long as I could see that it was clear water he was spitting up and nothing more. With time, I'm sure he will outgrow this (probably puppy stage). He is also getting plenty to drink as it doesn't happen EVERY time. Good luck!
Benny had very often hickups as a puppy as well. He is now 10 months and he doesn't get them anymore. It's like with the human babies a guess. They just grow out of it.
Hello, my Doodle was puking after gulping water too. My vet said they usually outgrow this if they are puppies. She would puke up a meal she ate hours earlier. I got her both the Drink Better bowl to slow her drinking and the Eat Better bowl to slow her eating down. The company is Contech and you can get both of these bowls from It also doesn't hurt if you just don't allow him to gulp. Let him take a few drinks and then take the bowl away or teach him to stop and wait when you give him a command. Good luck!



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