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Have a problem with trying to start discussion regarding Vectra 3D Tick and flea med. I need some serious help for a sick dog that had it topically applied for the first time on Tuesday.

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Carrie, have you taken the dog to the vet? What seems to be the problem? 

My little dog Sophie, Maltese woke up Wednesday shaking, jittery and just agitated. I gave her Tramadol thinking that maybe Lucy the Goldendoodles stepped on her. Thursday a.m. her symptoms didn't change so took her to our vet and we couldn't seem to see or find anything. Vet gave me Metacam for inflammation and told me to give her Tramadol as well.
Friday woke up and she had no change but we had an early flight to Colorado so off we all went, dogs and all. While driving up the mountain I researched Vectra3D since Tuesday was he first time we ever used this product.

Just a side note Lucy has been extremely sick off and on since last May 2016 and this past February we finally figured out what it was after extensive test. Lucy was diagnosed with Smokey Mountain Spotted Fever. She probably picked this up during our travels in April. We did road trip thru Nevada and Arizona to state parks, etc.....

Both girls have been on Nexgard but when Lucy was diagnosed in February the internist and Dermatologist felt we should double up on tick and flea medicine. Girls see groomer every 2 weeks and once a month the vet has always given girls their flea meds. Tuesday was the first time for Vectra3d. Lucy had no side effects but Sophie has almost all of the side effects that are described on Vectra3d website.

Also. I searched reviews, bad experiences and anything I could research about this product. It is bad news. Dogs have passed away from this. Some have had neurological issues others are just as frustrated as myself.
I have done what has been advices on Vectra website and bathed her with mild soap and continued the meds that my vet gave me. I didn't give her Benadryl since many said this didn't work. I have searched and searched to see how long these side effects will last but seems it just varies.

This morning, now Monday Sophie is still shaking a bit. My only saving grace in all this is she seems happy when we go out for walk, she's eating and urinating and having her regular bowel movements. I just want to help her and don't know what to do.

Over this weekend I have been in contact through email with my vet and she is calling Vectra3d and reporting as well as animal poison control. My vets office was against doubling up meds and they have never used this product but the Internist was adamant that girls be covered with this product. When I return Wednesday I will call the Internist and report this to them.

At this point I have no idea what to do for her other then let it work itself out of her system. I will get blood drawn on Wednesday to make sure we're not having major organ issues, etc....

Sorry for last night but was just frustrated beyond words.

Thank you for reading,

I think you meant to say Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. :) 

Jane's Murphy had that, and I'm pretty sure the vets didn't feel he needed to "double up" on tick meds afterwards. In fact, I want to say he's on Revolution, which is one of the the mildest ones, and she lives in CT, which is the heart of tick country.

I would go with your instincts as well as your regular vet's feelings about it and not use Vectra3D again. From what I have read and understand, it is a very strong preventative with an extra with more chemicals than most other flea/tick preventatives, and it produces more side effects. 

I hope that Sophie will be okay and have no lasting effects.

I'm sorry Karen. I'm having a hell of time trying to respond. This damn website won't allow me to. I've been at this earlier for 2+ hours trying to post. So frustrating.
Is there a max of words you can reply?

No, and I never have any trouble with it, but I use a computer, not a phone.

You do have to wait to respond until the page fully loads. 

I'm sorry to rant just frustrated. I'm on a iPod mini and just won't let me to tell story. I will try again and see if it will load.

I can't help you but want to express my concern for Sophie and commiserate with your technological frustration.  I normally use my computer for internet and when I have to use my phone, I can't seem to make it work very well.

Carrie, if I'm reading this correctly, the girls had the Nexguard AND Vectra3d? If they took both things at once, that may be part of the problem. I am not a vet but I just think it has to be a bad thing to give too many drugs for the same thing.

I'm sorry about your technical troubles. I know sometimes even on my computer I have to enter a response more than once. It only happens occasionally and I don't know why but I certainly can understand your frustration!
They were given the Nexgard a few weeks prior to the Vectra but yes the Internist wanted them doubled up. I've came to the same conclusion that no Vectra just Nexgard and will buy an insect repellent tshirt for when hiking in areas that I suspect ticks.



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