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Not an easy topic to discuss, but I am thinking of starting a little business with urns and boxes for our special heart dogs when they go over the rainbow bridge.  When my first two doodles passed away, I had them cremated and their ashes put in boxes.  The first was laser etched wood and the second was a painted aluminum box.  The first I kept on my mantel for several years and the second I buried in my garden.  Anyway, we are an art family and my husband is a master woodworker and my son a glass blower.  I work with ceramics and with photography and making giclees.

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Well, some of you know that we do an Art Share every year where artists come with samples of their art and talk about it with other artists.  One year I did White on White with printing up several renditions of a photo of a white dog in the white snow, another year I did ceramics with painting and decals that I painted and then put onto the ceramics.  I am thinking this year of making urns and boxes from wood, glass, and ceramics and making them available for the ashes of special pets.  I like the idea of the glass balls in the garden and wood and ceramics in the house.  I asked my son to make a crematorium for me but he did not like the idea..... So what are your feelings about this idea?  I had my baby and my dogs cremated and kept their ashes for a time, but it is a rather personal preference as to what to do in this situation.  We all have to face it sooner or later, so is the idea of special boxes and urns something I should proceed with?

You might want to ask pet cemeteries first to see if they sell items--would give you an idea if there is a market--and if they do not sell them, they might be interested in marketing your items? I think it is a very nice idea especially if the box is personalized.

I don't know of any pet cemeteries here in Southern Oregon but will check it out.  I know if you want to cremate your pet, they do that at the same place they cremate humans (but on a different schedule).  I am not into the marketing aspect yet, just making the urns and boxes and yes, they are personalized.

This is a big famous one here in New York state.

Love it.   What a great cemetery and such a super story also.

Here are the first two urns I have produced.  Both of these dogs are still around and I just used their photos as examples of what can be done.DSC00185.JPGDSC00187.JPGDSC00189.JPG

Well, I have the first two sample urns finished and I was happy with them.  We had them for the Art Share yesterday.  The thing I really like about them is that they are personalized with a photo of the subject and writing as desired.  It took me a while to find an artist who makes decals for ceramics, but I've got it now.

Very nice!



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