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Last night my 91/2 week old puppy woke up barking loudly in her crate( she never does this at night). I took her out and she went but immediately upon putting her in the pen, she cried and barked again. Took her out 3 more times like this until my lightbulb came on that something is wrong. So at 3 in the morning I took her to the local animal hospital. All her vitals were fine but they coukd not get a urine sample. They suggested giving her treatment for UTI but did say that if that did not do it that more tests would be needed. I am freaking out here! Is this normal in puppies? I feel so bad for her because she cannot settle down, it is a continous up and down to try to pee. Is there something else I should be doing? Very stressed new puppy mom here!!!!!

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I think UTIs are not uncommon in young female doodle puppies. I'd treat it as such and try to relax. :) 

Hope the meds do the trick and she's soon feeling fine. 

I had this with my pup and they put her on antibiotics for 10 days but every time the UTI would come back. Finally we did an ultrasound and it was normal. So FINALLY they did a urine culture and sensitivity (they had just been putting her on the most common antibiotic used for UTI's) and they realized she needed a different antibiotic and they had her on it for 6 weeks. It worked and she never had another UTI again. So, my recommendation is don't wait to do a culture and sensitivity if the first round of antibiotics doesn't work.

Also, any time a puppy is on antibiotics, they should also be getting probiotics to help prevent diarrhea once the meds are discontinued. I'd order some Proviable DG capsules and in the meantime, give her a couple of tablespoons of plain, unflavored nonfat yogurt twice a day. Don't give the yogurt (or the probiotics) within 2 hours of the meds, and longer is better. 

My little girl had one shortly after we got her.  It is frustrating, but the meds should start working fairly quickly.  If you aren't seeing good results within a couple days I'd call the Vet.



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