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Ok, who has photos of two or more Doodles? Around here, we call that a group and this week's slideshow theme is "Group photos". Take a photo of your Doodle with their "siblings" or with their Doodle friends. The more the merrier however, Two is considered a group for this The tag is groups17

So far I only have 5 photos submitted for this slideshow. It is sad that there are not more participants. Any thoughts or ideas on how to get more cooperation? 

Her are some upcoming themes:

Aug 20- Noses... Noses17 Show me those adorable Doodle noses. Big noses, tiny noses, all sizes are cute! Closeups preferred but not required. 

Sep 03- Doodle Butts... Butts17  From one end to the other. Noses last time and Butts this time. What is cuter than an adorable Doodle Butt? Show me that cute little Doodle tail. Short or long, its still adorable!


Good question! Spud's mom, Joanne, put together a great visual tutorial here:

If you like visuals, use her tutorial.  Otherwise, try the instructions below...

1-- Upload your photo to the main photo page or your own page.

2-- In the 'tag' section of the photo put in the tag that corresponds with the slide show theme (see list above).

It's quite easy, actually. 

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What's the tag for the group photos?

Sorry Karen "groups17"

Annabelle has no doggie friends or siblings. She only has the grandkids as playmates. So we are sitting this one out. But it is a cute slide show.

Does she have a photo with a group of humans? I can take that!



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