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Ive got 8 beautiful little 3 week standard goldendoodle pups, and we are about to transition from the whelp box (modified kiddie pool) to the puppy play area.  I’ve tried to do some research online, but I’d love to see what any of you that have had a litter did.  How did you adjust to the play/sleeping/eating area? (Rough)Dimension would be beneficial too, I dont want to have to build something twice. haha So any pics of your puppy boxes.....

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The vast majority of members here are not breeders and have no experience with whelping boxes. I suggest you ask this type of question in an online breeders' forum. 

I would also add that this forum does not support casual breeding of pet dogs. People wishing to get involved in breeding should be mentored by an experienced and responsible breeder, who would in turn be the person to advise you. 

Here is what the members of this forum look for in when choosing to purchase a puppy from a breeder, just FYI:

Thank you for your input. While I am new to this forum, and doodles, this is far from a casual breeding of pets. These pups were bred to be service dogs from working stock (and not the sham, I just want to have a dog with me ones). Responsible breeding is when you match compatible and desireable traits to form a better generation than the previous. Irresponsible breeding is when you are just trying to make money. While I will sell the pups that don’t have the temperment to be service animals (but will make fine pets), I actually will not charge for those that do. My appologies for thinking someone might have something to offer. I’m always looking for ideas from others and thought there might be a better mousetrap.

What genetic health testing have the parents of these puppies had? 

Responsible breeding is when you know for an absolute fact that the dogs you are breeding are not carrying genes for the catastrophic diseases that run in the breeds involved, and that means doing genetic health testing after the age of two years and before breeding. PERIOD. End of story. To do anything else is irresponsible and cruel, both to the dogs you are bringing into the world and to the people who will have to deal with these health issues in dogs they have come to love. I don't care if you're charging money or not. 

Here are the genetic tests recommended for Golden Retrievers:

Here are the tests recommended for Poodles:

As for "Irresponsible breeding is when you are just trying to make money", let's take a look at the very first question you asked just moments after joining this forum, shall we? 

"Just curious about what people paid for their F2B GoldenDoodles ?"

Read more here:

Hmmm....these puppies you have don't happen to be F2B goldendoodles, do they? 

Thank you for saying what we are all thinking.  Last night I came across a pop up ad for a golden doodle breeder.  Turns out they enlisted friends and family members from all over the USA to be part of their kennel....except that they all chose different breeds!  I tried to find it again to check my facts, but alas I'm not certain they are sharing the same standard poodle stud, but I think so.  There's about 12 of them!  I read the explanations on their website and despite the warm words, just hear ca-Ching  

GANA (Goldendoodle Association of North America) health testing requirements for anyone breeding goldendoodles:

hips, heart, eyes, prcd-pra, vWd, GR-PRA1, elbows, patellas



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