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Happy 8th birthday Sol.  F1B mini!! You are a wonderful dog. So very loving, smart, active and silly. Extremely cuddly and friendly with people.

Would love to connect with more of Sol's siblings. He was born 05/06/10 from Mom Sasha (Suzie) and Dad Casey Almond Blossom Doodles in California. 

We live in Connecticut and know that most of his siblings live far away, but reach out if you were born from these parents (even from a different year) xo

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Happy Birthday Sol, you sound like a wonderful doodle. I have always wanted to connect with Annies siblings. I found someone that had the same breeder, but not the same parents. I would just like to see how she compares to her siblings. I wish you luck in your search.

Happy Birthday Sol!

Happy birthday Sol! :)

Happy birthday, Sol!



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