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Hallo =),

I am very happy to find this site. I would like to share my story with you and request for some tips. Before I start, please excuse my english.

Since last year my husband and I decide to get a dog. It tooks me 4 years to convince my husband. When we decided to get one, we found out I developed an allergy.

I grow up with dogs, cats and even I remember I got some chicks when I was child. When I got married I moved to Germany and in this country I developed some allergies: polen, apples, carrots and dogs. I was very upset, because I was really looking for a dog. My husband of course said, we wont have any pet, but I think he saw me really down and he started to research about Hypoallergenic dogs, that happened on May 2016. This is how we found the amazing labradoodles and goldendoodles. We decided to get one on januar 2017.

On November 2016, we descovered I am pregnant... so I thougth the plans would change... but I was still thinking on our plan, even stronger,  I would love that my child grows up with a little puppy, and that he is more sensitive. My husband supported me and now we have a 15 weeks old Goldendoodle (FRIDA), He loves her too much and Frida loves him more than me hehehe... Im surprise but very happy about it.. I am tired, becuase this little friend has a lot of energy. We live in a flat, so I have to take her outside like 7 times a day and when my husband comes home we bring Frida to a big park, where she can run and discover new things. In front of our flat there is a little park, so Frida already knows it and feels good there

We are very happy, but it is hard. Frida has some puppy-troubles, so maybe you can give me some tips:

She loves to be home and go down just to make pee and po. She gets really nervous when I tried to have a walk with her, she just lay down and doesnt want to move, even I make her goes, she is not enjoying the walk. I would love to walk with her like 20 or 30 minutes everyday. When I go to the office my husband takes her in his office, when im done I pick her up and I have to take a taxi, because she gets really nuts with a lot of people and big cars around. How I could take her fears away? I let the door of our balcony she can get used to the sounds.

She wants to play all day so I am not able to do a lot of things. Sometimes I have to work from home and takes me really long time to finish it. I play with her, practice commands, she gets tired, sleeps one hour and then she starts again! She loves to bring sticks from the park, we let her, even I have to clean every day the litte mess. What other activities I could make with her? How long sleeps a puppy...during the day she sleeps just like 3 the night from 9 to 6 am. We give her a lot of attention and we dont let her more than 2 hours alone, and thats weird... I dont understand why she seem like bored hehe

when she is playing with me she bites me and somethime hard, she jumps a lot. We want that she stops this, because with a baby in my arms, it wont be funny. I read a lot and I know some tricks..but I guess it takes time.

the last issue is our sofa, we dont allow her to join us in the sofa, the reason: She will be a big dog and with guests and a baby, maybe is not the best idea. This is so hard ahaha. She tries and tries, she knows is not good, but she does it anyway... she pee 3 times there...I think like trying to say she is upset about it. I am about to give up...but my husband motivate me. Im sitting, eating, working and I have to stand up every minute to say "no" "go down".. I can not sit in the sofa to rest, because she doesnt stop trying. Maybe you have some tipps.

I know this is a long text, and maybe sounds im not having fun, but sometimes I feel I need to rest and sleep more but I am not able. I love Frida too much and I have fun with her, not all is negative. She is very smart and learn very fast. Every weekend we take her to a dog-school and we love to see how she interact with other puppies, she is playfull and after class she is very confident.  She is not sleeping in our room.. and that was very easy to do. She just did for one week, after that we close the door and she is fine within. She already knows she goes outside to make her duties...sometimes is too late, but  is our fault.. We had some guest last weekend and she was amazing.. we present her a baby and she was also very nice.

by the way: the first 2 weeks I got the allergie but now its super!!!

I let you some pics.. =)

love to read your comments and tips

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Your pup is beautiful! It would take a long time to give you so much information that you have asked for--but training it the key and it sounds like you really don't know all the basics of training--you say the pup goes to a class, but is it an obedience training class or just fun time? You need a good trainer to help you--she is a smart girl which means she can easily rule the house and you are right, when the baby comes, it will not be funny! I can give you a few tips in the meantime.

First thing you can do is get a nylabone chew toy or something called a bully stick--you can then set the puppy up next to you with  LEASH on so that you can keep her close--and if she jumps step on the leash to hold her down --keep treats on you at all times and when she is good, tell her and give her a treat. Make her work for everything--sitting before dinner, sitting before going out the door, lying down when you sit on the couch (give her a treat after everything she does for you). Lastly get a CRATE....let her nap in the crate with the door closed--and then if you have a bone for her to chew on, she might do that in the crate too and give you some peace...

But everything she is doing sounds perfectly normal for a young puppy--they are a lot of work and it is very hard to have a pup and a baby at the same time--you will make it, but the training must start now! good luck!!

Wonderful advice!

Thanks for the motivation and the advices.  We give her everyday something to chew and she loves them. We make her work and give her treats when she is doing good.  Now we noticed she is getting weigth and we think is because of the treats... 4 weeks ago was 9.80 kilo now is 14kilo.... so we have to take care of how many treats she get everyday.

The leash is a good idea, I tried already and worked =D.  She prefers to be free, so when I  keep her with the leash she calm down a lot  ;)

First of all, WELCOME.  Your English was very understandable. 

Here is another suggestion.  She needs to be exposed to things - noises, traffic, people, and all of the other things in your environment.  She is nervous about those new sights and sounds.  Expose her slowly and specifically until she is comfortable, then move to the next thing.  For example, you can take her on-leash and just stand outside so she sees and hears traffic and watch the world go by.  When that is familiar to her, take her somewhere else to watch, smell and hear.  She is really young yet to take long walks so take short ones.  I never had reluctance on leash with any of my dogs, but I have read about it here.  Have you joined the puppy madness group?  Here is a link:         There are tons of discussions about lots of puppy behaviors.  You will get lots of information there.

I joined the group, thanks!!  Yes, I try that she get use to new sounds. I let the door of our balcony open and  I think is working, but it takes time. She is horred of the garbage truck XD, so I have to work on it.

Hi Ana, Frida is a doll. The links I posted above contain my best advice for new puppy owners. For what it is worth, Gavin used to lay down and refuse to walk when he was young too. I persisted with him and he grew out of it quickly. The tethering should also help with that.

Thanks a lot for the links and your tips-



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