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I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could share the titles of books (and ebooks), magazines, even great photographers, etc., who inspire us.  

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I was told in a few classes to Not use anything below the actual numbers, which would be 200 on the Nikon, that is what I use too.

I am going to do some test shots and see what happens.

"10 Principals of Beautiful Photography" by Trey Ratcliff really hit home with me. You can read it here: 

I also enjoy watching Trey's "Hangout" sessions on Google+, where he does group video chats with other photographers and they share their photos, tips, and thoughts on photography. (He often records them.) Here's his G+ page:

For someone with no time and all that you sure do have a lot of great recommendations : ) Thanks.

You would laugh out loud if you saw how I "work." While I'm working on designing a website, tweaking photos, or painting in Corel Painter on my Mac, I typically have my laptop sittin off to the side with my Gmail page open so I can respond to emails quickly - AND a tutorial video of some sort playing. (Wouldn't need the 2nd puter if I had a newer/faster Mac. But mine starts to get bogged down if I run too many large programs at the same time.)

Unfortunately, my butt is starting to take on the shape of my chair because I can't quite seem to squeeze exercising into this routine.... (groan) I need to start doing my Walk About the Pounds DVDs in the morning again - with the sound muted on the TV screen, of course, so I can watch a painting tutorial or a Photoshop show or a TED video on my laptop or iPad while I'm doing it. Yes, I'm the queen of multi-tasking. *grin* 

I multitask all the time too but sometimes that means things go awry : ) But you have given me a great idea. For years, literally, I have paid an annual service contract on my treadmill but I have not used it. I don't even have a TV in the room with the treadmill now but when I did the treadmill could not face it and still be folded up, out of the way. I never thought of doing tutorials on my laptop which I think would work well. I may not do it but then again maybe now I will. Thanks. I could even do other videos if I unload my harddrive of some of the gazillion photos. Thanks, Linda QOMT.

Understanding Exposure, by Brian Peterson, e-book for Kindle.  I really like it.  And I loved those bags!!

I am reading that book right now is very helpful.

I have Understanding Exposure also and started reading it but them stop half way thru back in Oct. because we moved.  I need to get back and finish reading it.  I do like it.  Mike

Linda I like Bryan Peterson also and read his books.

I just downloaded David Busch's Nikon D 7000, Guide to Digital SLR Photography to my Kindle.  I think, however, that my camera wants me to buy a Kindle fire so I can see the picture illustrations in color.

I was thinking those exact thoughts Kindle isn't even 18 months old....who'da guessed that we'd have them in color!    I wonder if Amazon would do a "trade up"?!



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