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In my previous discussion on Sadie I forgot to mention how much her breath smells. And yes I went back to zignature. I also give her probiotics daily. Any other reason her breath smells so horrible?

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You did mention it in your other discussion, but it's really not anything to be concerned about. Brush her teeth, or give her dental chews that are designed to freashen breath. I would hold off until the digestive issues resolve, though. The digestive issues may also be contributing to the smelly breath. 

It seems that first time dog owners are the ones who notice and/or are bothered by normal dog smells. After you've lived with a dog for a while, you get used to it. They don't smell like humans, lol. 

When yeti has an upset stomach his breathe is almost always horrible. It’s usually my first tell that something is off.

When my guys breath is nasty it's usually a sign for me that they need their teeth "brushed".  I use the dental wipes since they both hate having a toothbrush in their mouth.

Thank you for that advice. I will get some and try cleaning her teeth.



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