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Charlie has her very first Rally trial this weekend. I am thinking about making some special high value treat for the occasion. I was thinking about may be using liver / chicken liver, or bacon oil or something....I figure that more smellier the more enticing... Does anyone has good recipes for it?

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I'm wondering if I can get the butcher to slice the liver very very thinly ( like salami) I could then slow bake it on parchment until it is bone dry and then break into tiny pieces?
I dehydrate "uncured hot dogs" (they do not contain nitrates or nitrites) in a dehydrator along with chicken, cheese, beef, liver.  I first cut them into very small pieces and then place them in the dehydrator until dried.  You could also do the same in the oven if you do not have  a dehydrator.  My dog loves these training treats, they cost a lot less then the store bought treats, and I can use top quality ingredients that I trust.
I met a police trainer out with his new German shepherd puppy the other day.  He was using hot dogs cut into thin slivers and I think this sounds like a really good idea but I am going to try slow baking them to make them easier to handle.  Thanks for sharing this.
One of the ladies at Charlie's school said that she put piece of salmon in the microwave and cook it until it flakes. Then after you flakedthem into small pieces, put them in the microwave again until they are sort of chewy.... She gave some to Charlie, and she loved it!! I have to try making them.... Only thing is that I may not used them for the trials because I may drop them in the ring ( Since they are crumbly ) and get DQed...



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