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Charlie has her very first Rally trial this weekend. I am thinking about making some special high value treat for the occasion. I was thinking about may be using liver / chicken liver, or bacon oil or something....I figure that more smellier the more enticing... Does anyone has good recipes for it?

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In the treats page is a recipe for Liver Treats that are very prized.
Yeah, I saw that. I think I am going to try making them over the thanksgiving....
I haven't made them in a long time, but my guys go crazy for them. Maybe I will over the Holidays. Thanks, Kyoko.
hot dogs always are a favourite as well- I get the ones from the health food store that say "uncured". This just means that they are free of nitrites. You can cut them up into very small bits. I also cook chicken and beef and cut it up very small as well. I alternate treats so that the dog doesn't get too bored with any one thing. Have fun at your trial!
Oh, I will!! Thank you for the great ideas!! I got few small ziplock containers to put various treats in them. So, we will see....

Check out this livere treat! I am going to be making all sorts of treat for this weekend!!!
That's an interesting way to make them and it seems like a lot less work, too. Let us know how it works out. Thanks for sharing.
OK. I tried this with beef liver and chicken liver. The beef liver that I got was much thinner than the one on this video. Once the liver was boiled, rinsed and baked, the beef liver turned to somewhat eraser like texture, and was very easy to break them into little pieces. Dry to feel and perfect for training treat!! Chicken liver stayed somewhat soft and mushy, so I cut them into pieces and put them back in the oven. After that, most of the peices became dry and eraser like, easy to handle. Both of my dogs lived it!!!
Great. We make them in huge batches and freeze in individual packages. We use chicken liver and have changed this recipe somewhat to suit our needs. This is about the only treats our dogs love and we do not buy any!

We do not make drops out of the mixture but put the whole mixture into the pan. After they are cooked we cut into small squares.

After fully cooking, we place them back in the over to crisp and dry out. We cut them up in squares, then place them back into the oven at 250 for about an hour.

We also use cranberries in the mix chopped fine. Have fun Kyoko making your own version. Your dogs will love them.
I always bought Zuke's mini's. But it is getting pricy a bit! The package of beef liver was I think under $2.00 and so was chicken liver!!

I have used pork liver. It is particularly stinky.

Huffs favorite treat is jerky chicken turkey beef duck salmon. You name it our doode loves jerky.



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