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After reading and commenting on the post about puppy got me thinking (uh oh)....
I've really been wanting to connect with one/some of Mollys siblings parents.

Shepadoodles are not very common- in fact, as far as I can tell there are only three breeders in the whole US that have this doodle mix.
I first found DK, by researching shepadoodles and then just doodles, trying to find someone-anyone- that also had a shepadoodle.
I've searched the DK site and could only find one other DKer that has/had a Shepadoodle and so far, she hasn't messaged me back...from what I can see she no longer visits DK :-(
However, I never thought to just POST and ask, lol, if anyone HAS a Shepadoodle (German Shepherd/ Poodle)...or if anyone even knows someone that has one.
I would love to hear from anyone at this point, doesn't have to be Mollys sibling, about their Shepadoodle experience.

I love this mixed breed...I originally set out to get a Labradoodle, I grew up with Labs and know they make great family pets. However, while searching for one, I ran across my breeder (who breeds both lab/shep adoodles) and suddenly the Shepadoodle seemed very attractive to us (DH and I) as DH had already expressed deep interest in a German Shepherd pup. Know, I couldn't think of a better dog to have as a family pet :-) Our Molly is a doll....maybe one day I'll get my labradoodle, just to mix things up, but I think I'll always have a Shepadoodle too.

So...all of that to say...Does anyone know/have/seen/heard/groomed/trained Shepadoodles?
I would love to compair notes on the breed :-)

I'm not sure if I can post who my breeder I'll refrain from that, but if anyone is curious I'll be glad to message that info.

Thanks :-)

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Hi, Lindsey!

I don't know any Shepadoodles currently, but, years ago, when I was a child (about 5 or 6 years old), an accidental breeding occurred between our standard poodle female and a roaming German Shepherd who jumped/climbed over our fence. (Antoinette was leaving later that day for an appointment with the chosen male standard poodle, but, alas, we had to cancel her date!)

As I remember it, there were only five puppies, and my aunt, uncle, and cousins took two of them--Linus and Lucy. (The others went to friends.) They were fantastic dogs. Lucy lived longest--until I was at least a sophomore in college, which would have made her 13 or 14 years old by that time. She was a sweet, friendly, happy dog with a funny, quirky personality. After my cousins and I went to college, Lucy would spend time with various people in the neighborhood, especially an older, widowed lady who fed her hamburger and roast beef! A couple of years later, when my aunt and uncle decided to sell the house and move to our family's farm about 50 miles away, Lucy decided to stay with the hamburger lady! We still remember Lucy and joke about how smart she was in selecting her new owner--no more dog food for her! Lucy lived happily with the lady for several more years and was a happy companion for her.

I'm sorry I can't offer any info about current breeders, but your posts about Molly have brought back such happy memories of Linus and especially Lucy I just wanted to share them. FWIW, we called them "shepoodles" back then!




Awww, Thanks Elizabeth!
I have yet to run into anyone else that has or has even heard of the mix.
We love Molly to pieces, she really is a great dog. I can def. see both the GS and the Poodle traits in her.
I think she looks a lot like a Labradoodle, and that is often times what she gets confused with when we're out in public. I don't mind correcting people when they say "thats a cute labradoodle" or "isnt that a labradoodle?"...ha! I want everyone to know that shes her own "mix" and what a wonderful mix she is :-)
Have you started a shepadoodle group? Or seen if there is one? Molly is just too cute!



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