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Winter is upon us once again and I am considering buying Farley some dog boots. Does anyone have boots for their Doodles? I'm not sure which ones will work best and am looking for recommendations.

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Coco has Mukluks, but she doesn’t need them unless we’re taking her somewhere where she’ll be standing around in the snow a lot. She doesn’t mind running in the snow barefoot. We also use the Mukluks when we’re walking on asphalt on extremely hot days. 

One thing I discovered when buying Mukluks- Cocoa’s paws looked huge, but when you press down on the fur they are actually not- they were petit poodle paws under the fluff.

Haley has All Weather Muttlucks.  He has been wearing them for about eight years.  He doesn't get snowballs between his paw pads (which are very uncomfortable for him).  Also, no snowballs to defrost off his feet when he comes in from a walk or playing fetch in the snow.

We also have muttluks! Love them but one thing I noticed is that they may Yetis paw fur. We have snow and mud boots. We use the “mud” boots for jogging because his paw pads are sensitive and bleed easily. I agree that the paws look huge and plunging the right size is key. We went too big on the snow boots and they fall off constantly. Then I got the brilliant idea to put a baby sock on Yetis foot. That gave me a more accurate size of his paw and we were able to get the right size for the mud boots which have almost never fallen off.

It seems Mukluks are popular but I've never tried them and would like to try them when I'm ready for new booties. 

I have used UltraPaws Snow & Go Dog Boots and also Traction Dog Boots and have been  happy with both. They stay on more than any I've tried and the price is good.

I'd like to add that some booties can be too stiff which can make them uncomfortable.  I'd suggest looking at them in a store before buy online unless you have good references.

Muttluks all the way. They stay on and serve a great purpose to protect his paws.



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