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Please correct me if this is not the place to do this.  Looking for a mini red male goldendoodle to breed Izzy.  Would prefer he be located in Iowa.  Have you paid a sire fee?  If so, how much.  Thanks!

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I think you need to be in the goldendoodle breeder's group. Or perhaps on a breeder forum itself.

I agree with F, this belongs in a breeder's group. But my question to you would be, was Izzy sold with breeding rights? If so, I would think your breeder would be the one to mentor you on sires and anything else to do with breeding your dog.

Most of us here are pet owners whose dogs are spayed or neutered and who wouldn't dream of breeding their pet dogs. Here are some guidelines that we recommend anyone purchasing a puppy should require of the breeder. You may want to take a look at them and be sure you can meet these requirements before deciding to breed Izzy.

I agree with Karen - there are so many dogs out there already, only breed your dog if you are sure you can get really healthy puppies (health testing both parents)), can home them all (to really good homes, not to just anyone who will pay) and can afford to breed responsibly. Can you afford a whelping box? What if anything goes wrong - such as your dog needing a c-section? Would you know what to do during pregnancy, birth and afterwards? Are you prepared to have little, and on some nights, no sleep? Can you put in the time to really socialize and start training the puppies?
Yes, any kind of breeding related discussions (such as finding a sire) are ONLY permitted in our Breeder's Group.  It is a private group for breeders.  Depending upon whether or not you have a plan in place for your breeding program and what kind of health testing you're planning to do on your dog (if any) you may allowed into the group.  I second Karen's recommendation to read the article she linked you to.  Most of us (non-breeders and breeders) take breeding very seriously and believe it should only be done to the highest of standards.  And one of those ethical standards is not breeding a dog one has not purchased breeding rights for.  Just about every high quality breeder will sell their dog on either a pet contract or a contract for breeding rights.  Breeders who sell without such contracts typically aren't high quality breeders and haven't done adequate health testing on their dogs, etc...thus not a good idea to breed a dog from such an unknown health background (EVEN IF your dog happens to be healthy right now).
Thank you all so much for your direction, and eye opening comments.  I will read info and take all of your comments into consideration when making my decision.  I apologize for not looking deeper into the forums doodlekisses offers before posting this question.



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