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Hi! I am new to being a Golden Doodle owner. We just got our little guy, Luke, this past weekend and he is doing great! He is a 50/50 mix with his dad being a Sable Standard Poodle. At first I thought he was just sable, but after looking at pictures, it appears he might have the markings of a Phantom doodle. Any insight would be great! I am attaching some pictures of when he was first born and some that I have taken during this week that we have had him. He is currently a little over 8 weeks old. Also, he doesn't appear to have much fur on his face. Should I expect that to grow in a little later?

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What a cutie! I'm not familiar with the intricacies of sable and phantom coloring, but I am guessing Luke has one of those coats that will change dramatically over the next couple of years. An ever changing mystery… I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Adorable!  It'll be fun to see how the coloring changes.

He is a darling pup, but I don't think a phantom.  The markings on his eyebrows when he was a puppy made it look like he could be a phantom, but it is not enough color variation.  That makes sense if he is 50/50.  When a phantom poodle is bred back to a goldendoodle then you have 75% poodle, or an F1b.  I had a phantom F1b goldendoodle and currently have a sheepadoodle whose father was also a phantom poodle.  They have very definite black and white markings.  Take a look at my photos to meet my phantom dogs.



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