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Hi, all.  I recently put my 15yo F1 down and my world is upside down.  We are looking to add to our home, and I have fallen in love with a F1b.  Instead of it being crossed with a poodle, it is golden retriever.  I am familiar with the other F1bs but not these. 

Can anyone who has this combination give me any information or pictures?  I can't find many pictures of any online. I am allergic to pretty much everything, and can handle light shedding, but I don't know if I should stick to looking for F1s or if I should pursue this little guy further.


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This is not a desirable cross--and with allergies, you are taking a big chance--the pup will only be 1/4 poodle and 3/4 Golden. Usually, those with allergies who want to get a doodle, look for an F1B or an F2B where the B is the back cross to a poodle and even then, it is risky---it is recommended that you meet the pups one at a time to see if you react--but if it is dander that gives you issues, the allergy could increase once the puppy coat transitions to an adult coat.

If you were fine with an F1, then maybe an F1B would work, but not a reverse F1B! The only way you should consider that is if you can get one from the litter that is on the curly side, low to no shed--and make sure you meet the pup first. 

If this is repeated I apologize. If you have allergies, this is not a cross that you want. There are a few exceptions but a doodle that is 3/4 retriever will be a shedding dog— not lightly shedding. 

First, I want to say that I am very sorry for the loss of your 15-year old doodle. From the photos that you posted, the dog that you are considering looks pretty curly, so perhaps he won't be a shedder. Can you find out more about him or spend some time with him as you try to decide? He doesn't look like a puppy, so while it would be wonderful for you to give him a happy home, but only if you're certain that you will be able to keep him. Good luck!

I did not see the pics! So, he does seem curlier, but my doodle who looks just like that does shed a bit....really hard to know without spending time with him.

I understand the "my world is upside down".  Hugs and tears for the loss of your beloved dog.

That said the pictures of your possible new dog look quite doodley.  Who says it is an F1 crossed back to a golden?  Do they really know or are they guessing?  Why is he nearly grown?  Who are you getting him from?

My DH is quite allergic to most dogs. We have two Australian Labradoodles because of his allergies. The best test for him would be to spend 1-2 hours with the dog, where he lives, even it is in his pen at the rescue.  That should tell you if you are allergic to this dog. 

I agree he is adorable and deserving of a good home, but your world is upside down and he will not be so loveable if your nose is running and your eyes are red and itchy.

Hi, All. I forgot to mention in my post that the pics were of my boy, Biscuit. He was a F1. As a pup he looked all golden retriever. I have decided against the pup I was looking at after further research. I appreciate all your feedback. I will continue my f1 search. Thank you :)

Good luck! The right one will come along!



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