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I'm looking to a adopt a mini golden doodle in the NY metropolitan area and would appreciate any suggestions, warnings, input etc.

Thank you

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Hi Laura, welcome to DK. 

Since "adopt" usually implies (to those of us involved in rescue, anyway) that you are looking for a rescue dog, I'd like to clarify that you are in fact looking to purchase a puppy from a breeder, is that correct?

If you have not already read our DK Guidelines on What To Look For In a Breeder, please do and take them to heart. This is the best guide you could find for evaluating a doodle breeder. If anyone can't measure up, run the opposite way. You are making a 12+ year commitment, so take your time.

Breeder referrals, recommendations and reviews are not permitted here in the open forums. People can send you a private message if you accept a friend request from them.

Good luck in your search.

Hi Karen, thank you-I have read your "What to look for.." and that's why I  am concerned-yes I am "purchasing" a puppy-I would like to rescue another pet in a year or so however



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