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Hello everyone! We took our puppy (6months) swimming in lake Mead this last Sunday. We dried her as well as we could but didn't have clean water on hand to bathe her until about 5 hours later. Now she has a case of biting her paws and legs like crazy! Has anybody experienced this before? And if so what could be some of the issues involved? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Could be allergies? Not sure if it is related to the lake water--I really don't know but would consider taking her to a vet!

Thank you for the reply, I appreciate it! We are definitely taking her tomorrow after work to get her checked up. Hoping it's something simple and not a parasite that got under her skin or something. Allergies seems pretty common to come accross from what I've seen, so that just may be it! 

When Luna was about a year old she started her ragweed allergies and even then the vet said it was a bit too young for allergies.  I don't think it's too young but I'm no vet ;)

Could just be irritation or some kind of fungal infection from wet paws.  Hopefully they get it figured out!

It's rare to see actual allergies in a puppy, because it takes time and/or prior exposure for an immune response to develop. 

Yeah that's what the vet said.  I guess at that point Luna had been exposed to her 2nd ragweed season so it was enough.  They did progressively get worse over the next few years too.

They always do. :(

But yeah, they can show up during the second exposure. Ragweed season here is two months long, August through October, so a pup born in let's say September would have been exposed twice before her 1st birthday.
At 6 months though, it's very unlikely that she would have had two exposures to anything. 

Let us know what the vet says. 

Freddie was biting her paws like crazy starting at 3 months! I did some research and based on Karen's posts about allergies, I suspected storage mites.  So we stopped buying large bags of food, washed out the storage containers between small bags and her dish every day and the biting has mostly stopped.  She still bites her feet when she's snuggling us, maybe a comfort thing?  Anyway, I thought 3 months was early for allergies, but that was our experience!  Thanks Karen!

Glad to help. :)



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