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Hello, I just joined the forum and have questions about goldendoodle puppies. We are about to make our choice and looking at 3 girls puppies right now. They are all so sweet and cute that makes it so difficult to choose. I am going to attach 3 pictures and if someone can comment on their fur, please, from your own experience. We think we are going to get the one that is dark red (my profile picture)  but I have concerns about the lack of hair on the nose, her hair are so short on the nose, however look wavy on the chest. Will she have that beautiful teddy bear face with the beard and lots of hair on the nose? or her nose will stay open with no hair. I read the upside down V on the nose in this forum and I just don't see it on that puppy. Please advise. Thank you! Natalie

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I think all three will have doodle faces and the red is gorgeous.

Thank you :)

I agree with F--all should have doodle-y looks and nice wavy coats--the hair on the face usually comes in a bit later--and they can change completely in just a few weeks. Here is a 7 week old pup and him again at 5 months.

I prefer number 2 because I love the white chest and paws.  Our sheepadoodle looks like that and her father is a standard phantom poodle.  I think the F1b goldendoodles are the best dogs because they have such beautiful coats.  But, whichever you select, you are in for a joy in your life.  I adore my doodles and we are on our fifth one now.

I think this one will be the most doodlish. 

Please consider personality / temperament before looks.  You want a well adjusted'll fall in love with any of them once you bond & it's so important to have a dog you can trust.  Let us know which one you pick :)

Thank you all for taking the time to respond! We will definitely choose the puppy that we will connect with when we see the puppies! But it's good to know that all of them will have that doodle look :) and wavy coat! Will let you know which one we get...

My experience to the doodle world is new... but my puppy looks nothing like my 2 y/o version! He was black and white with wavy hair as a puppy. I’m pretty sure a shorter haired nose. And he’s now light brown with red ears and tight curls. Hard to say what you’re going to get but from the looks of that adorable pup, you can’t go wrong!

Just my opinion but I think it is very important to take  a good look at the breeder and make sure you are buying from one who reputable.  Too many people are calling themselves breeders and that is resulting in many unhealthy pups.

agree with you 100%, and did a lot of research

I’ve had three completely different puppy choosing experiences. With our first, we were low on the selection list. Because we were new to the world of doodles, we really didn’t know what to look for. Yellow girl was the last to climb up on my lap so we moved her to the top of our list. I guess she wasn’t high on anyone else’s list and we got her. With our current boy, we came into the selection process very late (long story) and we knew we’d get whatever puppy was left over. With our girl, we were first on the list. Bottom line - within movements of bringing each puppy into our home, we had the feeling that THIS was OUR puppy, the one that was meant to be with us. First choice, last choice, accidental choice - it didn’t matter Love is Love!

So true, Deanna.  I think we end up with the dog we are supposed to end up with - whether we 'create' it once we have the pup or whether we feel it when we first meet it. 

I feel sad for those who truly expect a dog that looks like a typical fluffy doodle and get tricked by an unscrupulous breeder into taking a dog that will never doodle out.  We are purchasing mutts, so there can be a surprise in the final adult coat texture, curl, color, and shedding amount, but facial furnishings should not be one of them. This is also true for those that really are looking for a more retriever-ish doodle and end up with a fluffy one with high coat maintenance.



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