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My minilabradoodle Teddy just got neutered yesterday but he is almost back to his high energy self tonight.  He has already jumped off the couch and up and down the deck steps as if he had not just had surgery.  He loves going to doggie daycare every other work day and then I have a pet sitter comes on the other days.  His discharge instructions say no jumping or running for 2 weeks.  Also no bath for 10 days.  At the daycare they do have a bone shaped pool that the dogs play in and sometimes the staff use a hose to cool them down too.  My question is how long should I keep him out of doggie daycare?  I was thinking just a week but do not want to jeopardize his stitches.  Have any of you had a recent experience where your dog bounced back very soon or was around other dogs and played rough with them shortly after his surgery?   Please advise.    

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I would be careful. If he gets an infection it will turn into a big pain (for both of you). Gavin licked his stitches so he had to wear his cone for 6 days when we could not closely suprvise him. We also just leash did walking for the first week. No dog park or bath prior to the two week mark. I felt bad for him, but I knew we would both feel worse if I did not give him every chance to heal properly.
Everytime I go to the Vet with Bear (Gus' brother) the vet's wife says "how's my boyfriend doing?" referring to Gus. I've been there on many occasions to pick up pills for Bear, usually it's about the time that all the spayed and neutered animals are being released. Gus is the example, everyone behind the desk points their finger at me and says "When we brought Gus out to her and told her she had to keep him calm, she said how in the "H........ can I do that?" as she sank into the seat and Gus jumped right on up" I hear this story everytime I go to the Vet. I was given some mild tranquilzers which I used once. I also insisted on buying the something that was better then the cone (still in the closet). When we came home all I did was keep a good eye on him, never let him near bodies of water, we played games that he didn't have to run (mind games) lots of treat training too. It's only 2 weeks skip doggie day care and have the sittter come, I wouldn't chance it.
I would be careful about getting the incision infected from the daycare germs or getting the site wet. I do know if human stitches get wet too soon, it can be a mess.( I had boys who were swimmers and went in too soon after having moles removed so...)
As far as the jumping - I would just do the best you can and not worry too much about that part.
Sasha was spayed a couple of months ago, my vet also said 2 weeks no running, playing, or high energy activity - I said "great how the heck am I going to do that?" his advise was she needs to stay in the crate. The first 4-5 days I did not let her run or do any of the things she was not supposed to do. After a week I did let her run around a bit but unfortunately I did wait the two weeks until I got the go ahead from the vet. He explained that they can tear the sutures inside, possible infection, etc. He said there many reasons why the require the dogs to have 2 wks. rest - in general it is better for the dog. Even though they look and are acting fine they still need time to heal.
I think most dogs 'bounce back' soon as far as how they "feel" -- but dogs don't realize what they just went through and their need to play it safe...that's why they are ready to bounce and jump and run...they don't know it could hurt them.

I's TOUGH to keep a pup from being rambunctious. When my Rosco was neutered at 4.5 months...he also had eye surgery and umbilical hernia repair. So...he really HAD to do NOTHING for a couple of weeks. He spent an inordinate amount of time crated WITH a cone on his head (not only was he not to lick his incision area, but we had to be careful that he not paw at his eyes). So, it's a P.I.T.A but it's possible.
We kept Peri out of daycare for 2 weeks as per the vet's advice. She was raring to go on Day 2 also, but we just constantly supervised her or crated while we were away. We also did our best to keep her from playig too much. Did they give you sedatives for Teddy? I do think that helped calm Peri down a little.
Thanks for all of the warnings. He has played with his tennis balls in the hallway and jumped on and off the couch and even aggressively paws at the crate to be let out if I am home and placed him in the crate. I will have the sitter come though at least for 10 days and refrain from puppy daycare. Thanks for the advice and responses about how this went for your dogs! He is acting like he is fine but like you have said he really doesn't know any better!
We are starting day 7 post neuter and Scout is flying about like he hasn't a care in the world. He's on antibiotics as his cone has not kept him from licking and there is some mild redness on the incision area. But boy howdy does that dog want to romp! AND THE STENCH! The cone of shame keeps all the wetness on his beard and that dog is ripe. How'd everyone deal w/ the ripeness?

Did anyone de-cone early? We were told 14 days - which is when the stiches come out.

Teddy only kept his cone on a couple of days. He licked around it but has not caused any redness. He is still bouncing off the couch and running around the house like he has no procedure at all. He had some pain meds that will end tomorrow (he was neutered on Wed.) and told to not have a bath or get wet for 10 days and to not have any rough play for 2 weeks. If the cone is not really working to keep him from messing with the area and causing the beard to smell worse then I would discontinue the use-especially if he is already on antibotics. But maybe consult with the vet first. Scout is adorable though and hopefully this too will pass soon! Some things about puppyhood I will not miss! Oh and Teddy's stitches are to just dissolve on their own.
I know you posted this a while ago but Huff got neutered at 6 months and the next day after surgery he was back to being himself. He wouldn't sit still for very long. He got all inflamed and red and he had to be put on antibiotics because he was playing too much. The vet also gave us tranquilizers which put him out like a light and when he woke back up, he couldn't hardly walk. Those were some powerful tranquilizers. We only gave him half the dose. We never used those again. Anyways, I hope that all your doodles have recovered well:)



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