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It was TOO HOT to put them in there and then have the flight delayed for an hour--87 degrees out! Horrible!! Heads should roll.

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Ginny, check the date on the article; this happened in August 2010. :) 

But it's a good reminder of why many of us don't agree with shipping dogs via air cargo. 

This is awful, but since it happened 7 years ago, I'd hope they've made changes since then?

Not as many as you'd hope. In the first ten months of 2015, 29 pets died during shipping on commercial airlines.

There are probably more recent statistics, too. 

66 pets died between Jan 2014 and August 2016 on commercial flights; the deaths were attributed to extreme temperatures and poor ventilation:

No really?? Oops--did not notice that--I have been duped! But sad to hear the statistics you are sharing--will never ship a dog, ever!!



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