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Looking in for Heartgard and Nexgard for my girl this coming summer, I came across a new product. It's Nexgard Spectra. It combines the tick and flea and heartworm all in one, and it's half the price of buying them separately. I called my vets office on it today, as Winnie needs to get the blood test first, and they hadn't even heard of it, but said that if I could get, then to go for it. Has anybody else heard of this stuff? In looking at the ingredients, it's exactly the same stuff that is in the separate chewables.  Opinions?

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I haven’t heard of it, but we use Trifexis which is combined in one pill also some intestinal parasites I give it to him monthly after he eats and he’s had no problem with it 

But in looking at that, I don't see that it kills ticks. Here in Minnesota, we have deer ticks. It does kill fleas though.

To piggy back off this, is anyone using Pro Heart 6 for heart worms? It's the 6 month injection. It could work nicely with the 6 month bordatella, and then we wouldn't have to think of a monthly pill. I just remember way way back when it first came out the dog people I knew were very scared of it. And then I haven't heard anything about it in probably a decade, but my vet offers it. 

Not sure about the ProHeart 6 but for Bordatella we use Nobivac intra-trac 3 which also vaccinates against canine adenovirus type 2 and canine parainfluenza. 

It’s administered intranasally and given once annually. 

We’re switching to a different preventative medication after having a bad reaction to Trifexis which is the 3 in 1 combination pill similar to Nexgard Spectra as you described. 

Our vet said that sometimes dogs can have a bad reaction to the flea/tick medication interacting with the other ingredients in these combination drugs. To reiterate, some dogs may have a bad reaction but there are plenty of other dogs who do well with it.

Our pup had horrible watery diarrhea multiple times daily, loss of appetite and dehydration. One expensive vet visit later and a week of antibiotics + probiotics, he was back to normal.

Not trying to scare you away but I do want bring some awareness to this if you haven’t previously used a combination pill. 

I’m not sure if you’re looking to switch due to cost only or for any other reasons but there’s my 2 cents. 



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