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Hello doodle community. Just picked this pup up last week. His name is Charlie but I am nick naming him Chucks Deluxe. He is currently 9 weeks old and things are going great. Only cried the first night and no accidents in his crate/kennel. I am curious to what everyone thinks his coat will be. Mom is a Lab/Poodle and Dad is a Poodle. Some other pups in the litter had very tight soft curls but this guy's is more wavy. Fell in love with the "old man" silver face. Here are a few photos of 5 weeks from the breeder and then at 9 weeks I took myself.

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Charlie selfie.

He is a gorgeous puppy! Very dramatic coloring.  The coloring will change dramatically as he matures. Usually the coat curls a little more with the adult coat, but Charlie's is not going to suddenly look like a poodle. 

Enjoy your gorgeous boy.
Chucks Deluxe is deluxely adorable!!! He looks like he's going to have a wavy, classic doodle look. I love his coloring!
Thanks for the replies. I am certainly hoping for the classic wavy coat with non shedding properties but he will be loved no matter what. He may be a big boy though. He was the largest of the litter but that being said he was also the calmest.

Cute!  I bet his coloring changes as he grows.  Love the nickname!

Definitely will doodle out.

Very doodly face already, shaggy is my guess



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