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We are now offering a new photo editing feature that I think many of you will LOVE. It is essentially a stripped down version of (one of the best online photo editors) that is plugged right in to our site.

To use it, go you any of your own photos and put your mouse pointer over the photo. A link will appear at the top of your photo that says "Photo Stickers & Effects". Click on that link and an editing menu will appear.

I'm really excited about this new feature.  :-)  Play with it and let us know what you think!

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That sounds great!!
LOVE it ♥♥♥
fun-thank you so much for doing this for us -Doodle Specials-

Just reading this and looking at everyone's pictures, I truly am rolling on the floor laughing!  Ozzie came to see what was the matter with me!!!  Now I can't wait to try it, but I have so many pictures just to get uploaded first!!  Oh - I need more time for DK!  I love it here and all the great friends!




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