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I’m so excited to have found this site! I’ve been obsessed already with reading all I can on here and looking at everyone’s pics. I’ve owned several Golden’s and just got my first goldendoodle last Friday. His name is Niko and he’s 9 weeks and around 12 pounds. and he's an f1b doodle. He definitely likes to eat. . His mom is an f1 goldendoodle with a more smooth or straighter coat and his dad is a poodle. I cannot wait to see how Niko is going to look. My kids wanted a more golden look and I really wanted a wavy doodle with furnishings on his face. What are your thoughts? I’ll added 2 pics of him at 8 weeks and 2 today at 9.





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Gorgeous pup! I think he will have a nice wavy look! Too soon to know about the face furnishings but it looks promising.

Thank you! We love him so much already. He has such a big personality coming out. He loves to eat and he's biting everything! Regardless of how he ends up looking he will be one spoiled pup.

Welcome and I agree with Ginny.

Long wavy coat, I believe he woul have furnishings but it's a bit early to tell.

Thats kind of what I was thinking too. The breeder I got him from said he was gonna look more like a golden like his mom but he's pretty fluffy right now. 

Beautiful puppy.  Niko looks similar to both my doodles , both f1.  You can go to my photos and check it out. I think Bella is on pg 4 -5 as a puppy.  And you can see there how full her face is now.  Just give it time, you'll be trimming that beard short cuz Niko makes a mess at the water bowl. lol

Your dogs are beautiful! 

Gorgeous puppy.  You and your kids will love him no matter how he turns out.  Glad you found us.

Thank you, me too!

Oh, what a beautiful puppy.   He is an F1b goldendoodle and I think that is the best combination.  My Groucho Too was an F1b phantom goldendoodle.  Take a look at my photos to meet him.  I loved his coat and personality so much that when he passed over the bridge (cancer)  I wanted another dog just like him.  I got a sheepadoodle instead and she looks very much like Groucho Too (they both had phantom poodle fathers).  I think your puppy is going to be a big boy!



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