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Hey doodle lovers!  I've searched in the neuter questions and really didn't find an answer to my question.  I just had my 1 1/2 year old doodle neutered on Tuesday the 10th. Vet's instructions is to keep him calm for 7 - 10 days...and like many other doods, he is RARING to go. He is acting as though nothing happened to him.  I do not want to compromise his healing.... am I able to take him on LEASHED walks?? He is starting to drive us and the other dogs insane! 

Thank you

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Its only been 3 days, I would ask your vet. I took my girl out for short leash walks for potty after her spay.

My thinking is if a calm short walk can burn off some of her energy so that she rests when she gets back home or keeps her from jumping and running around the house, bumping into things, then a walk it would be.  I had to walk mine around the yard a bit after day 3 but still had my older dog stay at my daughters house for about 5-6 days to prevent their friendly wrestling and chasing of eachother.  My vet only discouraged jumping, running, playing hard with other dogs for about 2 weeks.   A call to the vet to clarify wouldn't hurt though.



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