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Cooper has started biting leash,shaking it,running around very fast
We live in a down town area,always on leash
I. Don't like the dog park scene
What to do,too get energy out?

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Make everything that he does training and a game of sorts.  Even mental activity will wear him out.  Make him sit to go through a door in the house; make him sit, down, sit down, sit down.  Indoor fetch. take him for car rides to run errands.  Just being in the car will tire him out.  There are many places your can probably take him inside with you, home improvement stores, garden centers, some stores.

To avoid dog parks we used fenced in areas like ball diamonds and tennis courts for long fetch sessions. Just be careful of concrete tennis courts as running on them can scrape up paw pads and cause them to bleed.
Try a flirt pole. Can get a lot of exercise in a smaller space. If she won't release it, trade it for a treat each time. We played a lot of hide and seek too. Now we walk 1 mile 3x a day or doggy day care.



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