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We are flying out from Florida to the Midwest to see daughter on July 29th to August 5th. Last time I left my sweet Labradoodle at a kennel she developed kennel cough. Therefore it's really important for me to find a trust worthy, recommeded pet sitter for my home or in a residence where there are other sweet dogs and for me to meet the sitter and home environment. I may still fly her as she can fit in the delta 20 by 11 by 12 carrier but cannot stand up. Would that be a problem in that they may send me home because she cannot stand and move in there just lie down.? Therefore pet sitter needed thank you for any advice you may have or recommendations than anyone knows of!
Don't really want to go to add on petvaca. Thank you!

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I am in Orlando, FL  and am looking for someone exactly like that. haha.  I have a home in Baldwin Park...the land of the doodles.  I travel frequently and have relied on the family but I have four dogs. I think the family might not do it again.  I would not fly your dog because it might cause too much stress. 

I'm pretty sure they have to be able to stand up.  We ended up having to fly a foster dog Delta Dash because the owner showed up at the airport with a crate that was to small to allow an inch above the dogs head.  She went and bought the next larger crate and it was too large for the flight.  I also don't think you will be able to fly with the airlines in the summer months either (depending on airline).  

Talked to my sister who is two hours away north of Orlando, and as she loves my Gracie much and has 7 cats/dogs and a lover of all animals, I will leave her there.  So grateful for her!  BUT still it would be wonderful to know of a highly recommended place in either Orlando for me and others there (as the poster above), and in South Florida.  Will keep those recommendations for the future!  Thank you!

I highly recommend  We found a pet sitter from there that we love.  They will stay in your home or do drop-ins, whichever you prefer. Our sitter came over a couple of times to meet and get to know our dogs before the actual time of us leaving them with her. Their rates were very reasonable. The sitter's are also insured by if there are any issues(something gets broken) in your home while the sitter is there. 

Thank you!  I will definitely consider Rover from now on then!  :)  DH keeps giving other suggestions as well, cause my sister is a bit from Orlando, but I think it will be fine!  



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