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Hello Doodlers,


I'm sure this issues has been discussed multiple times before, but I was getting lost and distracted searching through all the various issues out there already.  I'm currently in the processes of communicating with a breeder (MSR) about puppy selections.  We've always wanted an F1b due to allergies, but the only up coming litters that fit our timing are multigens (multigen dad with a poodle mom).


I was wondering from those of you with experience if this difference really does make an impact on how much the pup is likely to shed? 


Thank you for any advice you might have! 

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I am not too familiar with multigens, but I have two F1B standard sheds a little and the other not at all.

I am sure you will hear from other F1B owners that theirs shed a little too.


I don't think it makes a difference.  You just have to have a great breeder with experience and/or get lucky with the puppy you get/pick and its shedding.
For what it's worth I have 2 multigens and they do not shed. I think the multigens are less likely to shed due to selection of non shedding dogs for several generations.

Zach is a multigen crossed to a poodle  (which makes him a multigen) so confusing, and he does not shed. Your breeder should know what her dogs have produced in the past and how likely it is that litter will shed based on the generation of the parents. She/he should also have a pretty good idea about the puppies coats soon after they are born. Don't forget that dander (shedding) is just part of the issue - saliva can also be a problem for some folks.


I would think that you'd stand a better chance of getting a puppy that would not cause an allergic reaction with a multigenerational labradoodle bred to a poodle, no?  There would be less of a chance of the labrador characteristics resulting in the offspring.

Sydney is our first Doodle who is a 7 and 9 multi-gen Australian Labradoodle.  If you look at our page she doesn't resemble a Doodle.  When we tell others that she is a Doodle, they look at us like we are crazy.  Our breeder who was supposed to be reputable did not tell us that she would be a shedder.  Sydney started shedding at about 5 or 6 months old and has not stopped.  Her papers from the breeder indicate that she is wool and fleece.  She sure does not look like wool and fleece.  Not too long ago, we were questioning keeping her.  Can you imagine?????  Something happened recently and Sydney has become the most lovable Doodle we could ever imagine.


Olivia, our second Doodle came from a different breeder (an absolutley fantastic breeder).  Olivia is a 2nd and 3rd multi-generation Australian Labradoodle.  Her coat is wool (mostly wool) and fleece.  She does not shed at all.  However, her coat requires lots of maintenance.


Each of our Doodles have totally different personalities.  Each are incredibly special in their own way.


As for the shedding in Doodle 1, yes, it drives us out of our minds (we wanted Doodles for the non-shedding characteristic).  But we have the most wonderful bonds with both of them.

So glad to hear the good news about Sydney.
The higher the generation the better chances you have of the dog not shedding.

Thank you very much for everyone's responses!  It really is quite helpful. So glad I joined the doodlekisses family. :)




I have always understood that the higher percentage of poodle they have, the lower chance of shedding.  The F1b SHOULD be a 50/50 f1 bred to a poodle resulting in 75% poodle.  An f1b can be an f1 bred back to a retriever because the "b" just means that they are bred back to theone of the original breeds. 

I would want to know what the breed percentages are in the multigens - are they several generations of 50/50's selectively bred for coat type? Are they f1b's bred to f2's? F1b's bred to f1b's? Exactly what is the multigen?  When bred to the poodle, how much poodle will the pups have?  My understanding is that the higher percentage of poodle, the higher chance of low to no shedding - regardless of the generation.

As a side note, my Charlotte is the pup from a low to non shedding f1b mom (75% poodle) and a low shedding f1b (75% RETRIEVER!). Charlotte is a very low to non shedding, curly coated girl; 50% golden/50% poodle. I just call Charlotte a multigen....

Jennifer, genetic background shows possibility and probability not specific percentages.

Adina get out your marble discussion.

Rua is a F1B and doesn't shed...had a F2 who "transferred" hair to objects.



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