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I’m back with a more up to date coat question about my goldendoodle lily. She’s going on fifteen weeks now and her coat seems to be changing week by week. However, people keep assuming she’s a golden retriever puppy and for some reason it really frustrates me because to me she looks like more and more like poodle come out. I’d love you guys opinion on how she could end up.
Also just wanted to check, she’s going on fifteen weeks now and weighs in just under 25lbs. I’ve done all the weight charts etc and that has lead me to estimate she will be around 65-7lbs full grown. Any thoughts on her current weight at her age?

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When she is 16 weeks you can double the weight and add 10 pounds that's about what she will weigh.  My guess (and it is only a guess) is that she will get that adorable scruffy doodle look as she matures.

Hi, first of all she is just absolutely beautiful! I personally think she does look doodly. I have a doodle that looks retriever and couldn’t be happier, but I think yours will definitely doodle out. Either way she is precious!
My girl was runt of the litter and only maxed out at 18 lbs, but her litter was around 25-30 pounds.
Best of luck,

Adorable!! She will have lovely waves all over--probably not curly but wavy. 

I would think that she will be in the 55-65 pound range.

Your puppy is beautiful! My guess is that she'll end up weighing about 60 pounds. Here's her picture, so that everyone can see what she looks like more easily. I'd predict that she'll end up fluffy and wavy. 

I think she is beautiful and she looks like a doodle to me. I have had golden retrievers and she is definitely fluffier. My doodle weighed around the same at that age and she is now 54 at 10 months and I expect her to fill out to a little over 60.

I had a golden retriever and she looked nothing like that at 15 weeks, except she was gold and had brown eyes.  I think your pick is darling and you are going tove her personality and coat, probably wavy and luxurious.

She's a keeper!



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