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We are ready to get another dog, and considering a merle golden doodle litter.  I've seen some posts about how these coats change as the dog matures.  Does anyone have a red merle that they can show puppy and adult pictures of?

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I'm curious how you get a merle goldendoodle? I don't think golden retrievers or poodles come in merle. I'm interested to hear what other people have to say. 

There are merle Poodles although it's not a recognized coloring (disqualified from competition) and the genetics behind it are questionable. 

I totally did not know that. I knew there were parti colored poodles, but I don't think I've ever seen a picture of a merle. I'm going to go look for some on google!

Most Poodle experts believe that merle is not a naturally occurring color in Poodles and that someone  somewhere bred another breed that does carry merle into certain Poodle lines to create it. Because there are so many genetic health issues liked to the merle genes, it's frowned upon in Poodle circles. "Different" is a good thing when you're buying furniture or clothing, not so good in dogs.

Very interesting reading. I would be interested to see pictures of the red merle goldendoodles. With all of Ava's health problems I'm not sure I would pick a dog that might potentially have extra problems, but I would like to see them.

I couldn't find pictures of red male goldendoodles but here is a red merle aussiedoodle.

Thanks for the info, Karen. Certainly makes me rethink this.

The bigger the gene pool, the lower the chances for genetic diseases. That's what's behind all the "mixed breeds are healthier than purebreds" stuff. We know that isn;t true, but we also know that inbreeding produces more genetic diseases, and the smaller the gene pool, the more inbreeding you have. "Rare" colors in a breed always mean a very tiny gene pool. And the gene pool doesn't get much smaller than for merle Poodles. 

If you want merle coloring, nsa777, you might look at Aussiedoodles.  The merle coloring is part of Australian Shepherds.  Do your research before choosing any dog based on coloring. Good luck in your search and let us know what you end up deciding upon.

I agree.  I think an Aussiedoodle is your best choice if you want this special coloring.

Beware of anyone selling a 'double merle' - dog where both parents are / carry Merle. In Australian Shepherds these dogs are often deaf, or blind and deaf, and have a host of other health problems.

Not just in Australian Shepherds; in most breeds that carry merle. This is the reason that merle Great Danes are disqualified from competing in conformation. Not because someone arbitrarily decided that they didn't like the coloring, lol, but because of the health problems connected with it, and because one goal of responsible breeding is supposed to be improving the health of the breed. This is the same reason white German Shepherds are disqualified from competition. 



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