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Does anyone have a larger than normal Goldendoodle? Or is it just me ? Teddy seems like a really big boy to the point people think he is a few months old instead of just 10 weeks old !! Anything like words of wisdom you could tell me ? If you wanna see older pictures of him at 9 weeks I have a seperate discussion (:

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How much does he weigh? Pictures don't really help much when looking at size.

I wanna say 15-16 pounds ? I haven't been to the vet recently ! But I know he is HEAVY
At 5 months old, I cannot believe how huge my goldendoodle is. Her mom is 72 lbs. and dad 50 lbs. I know growth slows down but I think she will be huge. Quite frankly, I am tired of people being shocked at how big she is for 5 months. Like you, everyone said that from the beginning. I do believe goldendoodles often look bigger because of the standard poodle legs and then all the fur. I have decided that I will just have more to love! Enjoy your cutie!
Yes!! Finally someone feels my pain/annoyance with this! Everyone I EVER have teddy meet someone always comments on his size!! Talking about paws and etc and then that's all the conversation turns into lol. Good thing he just soaks the attention up and loves people to death. To me no matter the size of a dog as long as they are good and well behaved, I'll love them no matter! I can't wait until full grown lol I love my big TeddyBear! They also often look bigger cause of the more coat they grow out they look ten times bigger ! Teddy hasn't figured out his giraffe legs lol
Btw your fur baby is so cute !! And hanks (:
Thanks so much !!

He is adorable! I cant tell the  size of him from the pictures but, My doodle was about the same size at 11ish weeks. She is full grown (turned 2 on 3-29) and she weighs 55 pounds. If you know the parent's weights then you can sometimes figure out the ballpark weight:) But, you can never really be sure until they are full grown lol:) Have fun with your puppy!:)

Thanks so much! It's funny he is so large people think he is like a few 2 month old and really is only 10 weeks. I wish I knew his parents weight he is a whopper

People are always commenting on how big Ava is. I think it's funny, beause she's a large dog, but definitely not an extra large dog at 65 pounds. I think it's the fur and her big blocky head that makes people think that she's bigger than she is. I would love to have a really big doodle. If I recall correctly, I think Laurie's Vern is over 100 pounds. I think 100 pounds of love would be great. But I'm not sure I would be as in love with his food bill or the size of his poop!

Yes!! I would love a big doodle since it's a my first dog I love big dogs cause I wanna cuddle and kiss their giant heads ! Teddy always is clumsy and bangs his giant head on everything it's rather funny but I always worry about him getting too hurt. Just the other day he walked over to meet someone new and just fell i love how he never feels embarrassed lol he is just a bundle of giant fun



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