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just saw this story. anyone ever do this with their doodle? i really want to!

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I've been tempted to myself. <grin> Lachlan has a good coat to carry off pretty much any haircut. Just as well they don't actually care what they look like as long as you don't mock them for it.

I do find it a bit sad though that people mistook Charles for a real lion!

I say whatever floats your boat.  I like my dogs to look like dogs, but I know someone who is young and hip and does a mohawk on her doodle which suits them both.

i just think it would be fun and funny to do once! actually thought about doing it for halloween and doing the wizard of oz with my family and he could be the cowardly lion!

It would be fun.

This type of cut is not to my taste, but everyone has different taste, which makes the world go round.  



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