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I am off today and was watching TV and Adam Sandler from the new movie "Grown Ups" was on Live with Regis and Kelly and was telling a story about a Labradoodle in the movie.  So if you go see the movie, make sure and watch for a scene with Adam running with a labradoodle on his back.  It sounded funny and the movie looks pretty hilarious too!

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Oh good - more of a reason to see the movie (which I want to see anyway!!)
Exactly what I was thinking!
I wonder who's labradoodle it is? Maybe it is a member on doodlekisses?! That would be cool.
We went to see this movie today while the boys were being groomed. It was so funny! The Doodle in the movie looks so much like Karen's Jack it isn't even funny. I've never met JD in person, but this Doodle looks just like his pictures. Karen, have you been holding Jack Doodle really a movie star?



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